Killing Time…

Sorry, this entry is a bit of a time killer while I wait for the server problems to be fixed at Xanga.  You see, I have several photos to upload both of some interesting cultural things as well as some tasty food porn.  But after a few attempts, I’ve decided to wait.  After all, I have a lot of work going on plus two guests in town, so the time for trying and trying and trying to upload my pictures is limited.

So I’ll leave you with the remaining unposted picture that I uploaded last week:


Italian sausage, rocket (arugula), and rigatoni spiced up with some red chile peppers.  Served at Greyhound Cafe, Central Chidlom department store, Bangkok, Thailand.

Coming soon: Novice monks, great Thai food by an American at Soul Food Mahanakorn, and a second attempt at Macadamia Nut Cream Pie.


0 thoughts on “Killing Time…

  1. @CurryPuffy – The Central Chidlom location doesn’t have a boutique next door although their clothes are sold in the store.  The original location at Emporium does have the adjacent boutique.@murisopsis – @brooklyn2028 – @Ikwa – @ZSA_MD – @yang1815 – The pasta was a surprisingly tasty dish.  Their Italian sausage is a little spicy and they add some chilies to the dish so it comes with a bite.@kunhuo42 – @Fatcat723 – Now that I’ve written it, I guess I’m committed, huh?  =D

  2. I ❤ rigatoni! And rocket. Rocket is a pretty fun word to use, versus arugula, which sounds rather like a disease. Heh. Looking forward to the next food post.

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