So Do You Believe in Karmic Retribution?

For the first time ever, I’ve had to select a rating for my blog entry tougher than “A – All Ages Allowed”.  Shocking?  Yes.  But you’ll see why in a moment…

There are those who, whatever their religious persuasion or lack thereof, hold a general belief in the concept of karmic retribution.  Whether expressed as “what goes around, comes around” or simply an understanding that those who send negative energy out into the world eventually find themselves on the receiving end of that same energy, I wish to submit the following bit of evidence for your consideration.

My friends Otto and Han were in town from Singapore last weekend and they shared this story and the accompanying pictures with me, from a vacation they recently took to Taiwan.  Many thanks to them for letting me share the pictures with you!



The setting is a beach on the outskirts of Taipei.  The weather is warm, the tide is out, and families and people of all ages are catching some sun and playing on the sand bars.


Unfortunately, though, one man – perhaps a bit of a naturist – decided to bare all.  But it wasn’t a nude beach and, to the best of my understanding, the Taiwanese aren’t the type who embrace (if you’ll excuse the pun) those who take a clothing-optional approach to beachwear.


It turns out that the man was a bit more than a naturist.  More of an exhibitionist, really, or what you might more commonly call a pervert.  He bothered a few groups of beachgoers, not just showing his itty bits but enlarging himself, too, if you catch my drift.  This pair of ladies tried to shoo him away and then quickly gathered their things to leave the area.

(This is probably about the right time to assure you that Otto and Han were merely bystanders on the beach who happened to observe this and captured it with their zoom lens.  Neither of them is the man pictured above!)

Now, I can imagine you are wondering where the evidence of karmic retribution is.  Well, see the dog in the picture above?


After the man bothered those two ladies, the dog ran to where the man had left his clothes sitting on a piece of driftwood.  And then peed on them.

Now, whether you think that God set his wrath upon the man in the form of dog urine, or whether you think that the nature of good and evil finally found its level, I submit that this is clear and incontrovertible evidence of karmic retribution.

What say you?

And in case you are curious…


here is a picture of me, Tawn, Kar Wai, Han, and Otto after dinner here in Bangkok.  Many thanks again to Otto and Han, for without them, this story would never have been told for your edification.


0 thoughts on “So Do You Believe in Karmic Retribution?

  1. that’s hilarious hahahaalso very disturbing (more so the fact that the man was going around like that bothering people than the karmic retribution..!!)!

  2. Thank you Otto and Han! Taiwanese American here and as far as I know, TW is a place w/ little or no tolerance for public nudity (esp at da beach…. and a fugly man argh)…. justice served! Thankx 4 sharing!!!!!

  3. Hahaha! The poor guy. Let this be a lesson that only hot guys should be allowed to go nude in public. ;)In the nudist’s case, leaving one’s clothes in the open obviously leaves them vulnerable to dogs, thieves, and seagulls. Likewise, had he gone in the ocean and been stung in his private area by a jellyfish, that’s not karma, that’s his fault for leaving it exposed!

  4. @AppsScraps – No day is a slow news day in my world!  Ha ha…@stebow – @yang1815 – @aPieceOfTheSky – @Chatamanda – @Sinful_Sundae – @epiginoskete – @Dezinerdreams – @Ikwa – @TheCheshireGrins – Glad you enjoyed this laugh.@murisopsis – That’s a pun opportunity I missed!@debbed28 – Now, there’s a saying I need to keep handy for future use!@TheLatinObserver – I should send you the uncensored version and let you judge for yourself.@ElusiveWords – Do the dogs usually interfere with your beach trips?@Fatcat723 – Without a doubt, signs of intelligent canine life.@Senlin – What a funny segue into jellyfish.  How did you manage to go there?@iskrak – I struggled for a bit over whether or not to post this entry.  Decided that since he got his comeuppance that I would, but definitely was non-plussed that this guy was running around flashing other beachgoers.@Roadlesstaken – As Han tells it, after the ladies left the man gathered his clothes (although didn’t put them on) and headed down the beach towards a wedding party that was taking pictures.  No news on what happened after that.

  5. Kudos to them for documenting the whole thing. I remember the first time I went to a nude beach in Hawaii, I hid in the bushes to take pictures. I also once took a cruise on the River Rhine in Germany and I secretly snapped a few shots passing the gay beach. Good for them, and for the dog!

  6. @ElusiveWords –  lol … well I’ve kept reading here and there but between work, moving to a new place, my Mom and spending time on skype with my bf I’ve neglected the blog. As Chris says I am more active on FB given my bf and a lot of other good friends are there … so will you succumb to fb?

  7. His clothing must smell like where dogs go to pee! =PDon’t you think “retribution” sounds too serious and moralistic? =PAnyways, serves him right, now he has an excuse to not wear anything!

  8. @brooklyn2028 –  I think your monk is right, Sheldon. What I’ve learned about karma discredits this oversimplified definition I used. But for the purposes of the entry, I thought the conventional understanding was better than launching into a complex discussion of what karma really is. I just needed a vehicle for the story of a dog peeing on a nudist’s clothes.

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