Danny and Annie

StoryCorps is an oral history project in the US, an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of their lives.  Credit goes to Jacquie for posting this on her site yesterday.  It is the heartfelt story of Danny and Annie Perasa – a combination of an interview of them talking about their first date and then a subsequent interview made just a few days before Danny died of cancer.  I want to share it with you.  Grab some tissues before you watch, though.

(Interestingly, StoryCorps has set at least two of their featured stories to animation, which is an interesting twist.  You can follow their YouTube channel here.  For more StoryCorps stories, please visit their website.)

The thing I’m reminded of when listening to this story, is that a large portion of the success and joy in our relationships with others is based on how we approach those relationships.  Writing a note to that person every day, regularly telling them how much we love them, and appreciating all the good things about the relationship instead of focusing on the obstacles and frustrations – that’s how we make those relationships meaningful!


0 thoughts on “Danny and Annie

  1. SInce I don’t want to start out my morning with a tearfest, I will put off watching this for a while but I wanted to comment on what you said about success and joy in a relationship. I think that so many young people today think that love and happiness are just supposed to “happen” in a relationship, I have seen this with my own girls as they move from one relationship to another when things “don’t work out”…but I have hope…as I see my oldest daughter ( the only one who is married) starting to really WORK at her relationship…I see both of them being willing to bend and evolve…and I think that is something that is so necessary in any relationship..whether it is a marriage, or work or just friends. My children all say that they appreciate the “little things” that I do to make them know that they are loved and appreciated ( notes stuck in suitcases as they go on trips….special meals cooks for them without being asked…things like that)…so I hope that they are learning to do that in their relationships too!!

  2. ” Like a beautiful song from a busted old radio “. How beautiful is that. There is an old Jewish couple across from my daughter’s home. They are in their late eighties. Every morning they go for a walk to the grocery store ( 1 mile to and 1 mile back.) He holds her hand the whole way there and back. In his other hand he holds two mugs for the coffee! He used to be one of the biggest allergy/ immunology specialists in town. But now he is a spent man, with a bent back, hobbling along. But the love that these two share, is so magical.Thanks for posting this Chris.

  3. @Sinful_Sundae –  Absolutely, please feel free to share and repost this. Especially considering I reposted it from Jacquie!@ZSA_MD –  It sounds like the couple across the street from your daughter are the real life Danny and Annie!@Redlegsix –  One lesson I think so few of us learn when we are young is that you have to work at relationships. Personally, I blame Disney (at least a little) for feeding us so much of that “happily ever after” malarkey.@Southeast_Beauty –  SotryCorps is well worth following. They have a weekly segment on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” but of course you can follow them at their website, too.@murisopsis –  Which is why I bought shares in Kimberly-Clark shortly before posting this! Ha ha ha…@Dezinerdreams –  @Fatcat723 –  @windupherskirt –  @foggysunnymorning – I’m glad you enjoyed the entry. Thanks for commenting.

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