Happy First Anniversary

Coming hot on the heels of Federal District Court judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling that California’s Proposition 8 unfairly discriminates against gay men and women in their right to marry the partner of their choosing, the timing of my first anniversary of marriage to Tawn seems quite appropriate.  Yes, it was a year ago today that a group of family and friends gathered in a courtroom in Iowa and Tawn and I exchanged vows and started our life together as spouses. 

Not wanting to get into a tangent about legal issues, as I’ve written on the topic of same-sex marriage rights many times before, I’ll simply say that I agree with the gist of the 136-page ruling: My having the right to marry Tawn does nothing to diminish the value of any different-sex marriages, but denying me the right does me grievous harm while doing nothing to benefit the interests of the state.

Having just celebrated my grandparents’ 67th anniversary, I am hopeful that medical technology will progress to the point that Tawn and I, too, have the opportunity to reach such a milestone.  Realistically, of course, I’ll be happy if we get thirty or forty years.  Most importantly, though, I will focus on just enjoying each day we have together.

Happy anniversary, Tawn!


The full entry about that wedding is here, for those who didn’t see it and are interested. 


0 thoughts on “Happy First Anniversary

  1. Chris and Tawn, Happy Happy Anniversary!  So very happy for you both, a match made in heaven that no person on earth can deny, although some tried.  Quite a handsome happy couple, I would say!  I hope you both agree? 🙂  Cheers! 

  2. Gosh! Has it been a year already??? Time flies when you’re having fun! Happy Anniversary guys. I’m sure you guys will match or even beat your grandparents current record. I wonder if you guys will have as many grand children =)

  3. Happy First Anniversary to the model couple! I still remember the first time meeting you two while sipping drinks at the Erawan Bar (Grand Hyatt), quite an adorable and matching couple! And also knowing how to spend a leisure moment together!

  4. Such a SWEET SWEET HAPPY couple,you Tawn and Chris!May the love you have for each othercarry you two through thick and thinand bring into your liveshappiness, joy, sweet surprises,and contentment throughout the yearsas you discover more and moreof the treasure you have of each other!Happy Anniversary and many more to come!

  5. @Shades_of_Athena – @Dezinerdreams – @choyshinglin – @venice – @MichellelyNg – @murisopsis – @Roadlesstaken – @iskrak – @everyday_yogi – @onmovement – @ShimmerBodyCream – @Hinase – @explosive – Thank you everyone for the heartfelt wishes.  Very thoughtful of you.@Wangium – Thanks, stranger.@ZenPaper – @stevew918 – Very nicely written, thank you.@ElusiveWords – “Role model”?!  Yikes!?  That’s a lot of pressure, Matt.  =D@tehls – Well, if we’re going to have that many grandchildren we’d better get started on the children first!@Umnenga – Thank you and happy second anniversary to you!@CurryPuffy – Ah, yes – we’ll always have the Erawan.  Ha ha… looking forward to the next opportunity to sip drinks together. 

  6. On a humorous note:To keep your marriage brimmingWith love in the loving cupWhenever you’re wrong, admit itWhenever you’re right, shut up~Ogden NashOn a serious note, congratulations!

  7. Happy Anniversry Chris and Tawn. I hope you will continue to have the best of life in all the coming years and decades, good health, happiness and love.

  8. @Wangium – None of that “role model” stuff, please.  You and G are every bit as much role models, as all of us are.  Loving couples making their relationships work are something all of us can appreciate and learn from.  I hope that some of that busy includes rafting trips. 

  9. @yang1815 – Thank you Andy.@ZSA_MD – That would be the best blessing of all.  Thank you, Zakiah.  I trust I’ll see you on Skype soon and we can catch up.@kunhuo42 – Well, I kept time-stamping it every other month.  No, no, just kidding Aaron.  Thanks for the wishes.@vsan79 – Thank you very much.  Hope you’re enjoying California.@epiginoskete – That’s the wisdom that will get us to our 67th annviersary!  Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Happy, Happy Anniversary to both of you! It seems just like yesterday that I read about you & Tawn’s wedding, and now you’re celebrating your first anniv! Wishing you both many many many more years of happiness!!! 

  11. Happy anniversary! Meant to read over the entire 136 page ruling this weekend (not by force but by choice, I’m a nerd, I know -_-;; ) but haven’t finished yet. It’s such a landmark case and I hope it goes up to the highest court, with favorable results for couples such as yourself and Tawn. No idea why this issue has become political, and I’d think the IRS would be happy with more couples to tax, haha, but *shrugs* for whatever reason, it has indeed become a political and not an ethical issue. Sigh. Ah people. Anywho, best of luck to you and Tawn and may you have many more anniversaries in the future!

  12. @icapillas – @TheCheshireGrins –  Thank you very much.@moolgishin – Thanks.  The ruling is an interesting read although long.  I think the issue has been political, along with so many others, because there are some people who believe that the government should be in the business of legislating morality.  Ironically, these are often the same people who claim to be in favor of limited government.

  13. @christao408 –  Well, see, that’s the odd part for me… I have a very hard time reading the opposition to the case (they only called two witnesses anyway *scoff*) because it sounds like a lot of hypocritical gobbledygook to me. They also sound like reincarnates to people who opposed the freeing of slaves (oh! morality’s gonna degrade!), people who opposed women wearing pants (oh! morality’s gonna degrade!), and now people opposing marriage between a certain group of people (oh! why repeat the bs, but morality’s gonna degrade!) just people without ‘common’ sense, ha, whatever that means. On a somewhat unrelated note, really like the suit that Tawn is wearing, especially the periwinkle blue lining details. Would you mind if I asked where you/Tawn purchased it?

  14. @moolgishin – I think Tawn bought the jacket here and had the lining added by a seamstress nearby, so it was a hybrid creation.  He chose the color to match the shirt, which he also had her make.@squeakysoul – But I find that even though it goes faster, the expeiences are much more meaningful.

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