CHiPS the Musical – Is this Necessary?


My cousin Bill brought this to my attention.  The Falcon Theatre in Burbank, California is staging (through July 25 – hurry to see it!) CHiPS the Musical, based on the NBC television show CHiPs, which aired in the late 70s and early 80s. 

The show, of course, was incredibly corny, even in its time.  That there is any fodder for a musical in the original material is beyond my ability to believe.


0 thoughts on “CHiPS the Musical – Is this Necessary?

  1. Oh way. That is one show that should never hear the lyrics :bring it back” OKay a musical?? Tell them to call me, I’ll find then something to do with their lives. Something important and fulfilling. Even cleaning out the litter box would be more entertaining. Okay , not entertaining but thought provoking..

  2. Yep. Confirms it – there is no one left with an original idea in theater. (or there is WAY too much drug use going on in what used to be the creative process.)

  3. OH my goodness…I would LOVE to see a snippet of this….what a hoot it must be!!! I wonder how they deal with the motorcycle exhaust in the theatre??? HmmmmmmRuth Ann

  4. I am not familiar with CHiPS, but it certainly doesn’t look like something I’d be caught dead in (: Think about what your street cred would be later!

  5. @z_stands_for – @Redlegsix – Actually, if you check out the photo carefully, it looks like they’ve taken two mountain bikes and dressed them up with some lights and a black plastic hoop over the handle bars to look like the windscreen.  Clever idea!@AzureRecollections – Yeah, even the hardest core musical theatre fan probably would steer clear of this.@murisopsis – On one level it seems like this is an incredibly original idea.  After all, who would ever think of taking such a terrible 70s TV drama and making it a musical?@z_stands_for – Ha ha!  “Cleaning out the litter box…”  Very funny.

  6. That is sooo funny! I wouldn’t have even realized the bike thing if you had not said anything.. AND it’s not Jon and Ponch!I don’t know what made me think that it would be themMaybe those prison guys that do dances on youtube came up with this. Not anything wrong with them.. But you gotta pretty bored to dig up CHIPS. Oh you have a great subject post here. haha

  7. @marc11864 –  Actually, when that programme was on TV here in the UK I quite enjoyed it, but that’s not to say I’d go to see a ‘musical’ version of it. For one thing I’m not a big musical fan and for another – Usually, I don’t drink tea, it’s mostly coffee. So I’m not a ‘teabagger’ 🙂

  8. Sayeed used to watch that show, only because he thought that the motorcycles were really cool. I am not sure how they are going to bring it as a musical ?

  9. Ohhhh. . .yes WAY!  I would so pay to see this. . .as long as it was intentionally poking fun at the cheeziness of the characters and the original corniness of the T.V. series.  Com’on you know it would be a hoot!  It can’t be any worse than the Mama Mia?  (Movie version that is. . .with the acters they cast that were awful singers!)Road trip. . .lets all go! LOL!

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