Happiness Flow Chart

Last week, Chris up in Toronto posted a happiness decision-making flow chart that I thought beautifully encapsulated life’s main lesson.  I thought I would share it with you here.


I’ve been in meetings this week.  My boss, her boss, and one of my colleagues flew into KC to meet with me.  I’m flattered that they consider my rare visits to the US important enough to fly to meet me.  I’ll be in meetings through Thursday and then will have the weekend off for the family reunion.

In the meantime, the nieces wish I would stay home with them.  As she left for daycare this morning, Ava looked up at me and asked, “How many minutes do you have to work for today?”  Precious.


0 thoughts on “Happiness Flow Chart

  1. wow…i was just having this thought process in my mind a couple days ago…i think i really have to sit down and think about what changes i need to make…

  2. The flowchart is brilliant. No inclusions for excuses or contingencies, just that kind of “if it matters enough, then do something,” no-nonsense attitude. Heh, I want a poster of this.And that Ava sounds very sweet!

  3. You must be their 2nd favorite uncle (I bet Tawn is #1)! hehe! Hope the all day meetings didn’t exhaust you – you’ll need some energy to keep up with the girls!

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