Alex’s entry about powerful ads

Alex wrote a very interesting entry about three advertisements that got him thinking.  While I like a lot of entries I read and recommend some, I felt this one was especially worth checking.  I hope you’ll take three minutes to go read it.

One of the three ads he writes about is here

0 thoughts on “Alex’s entry about powerful ads

  1. They don’t just randomly make them – the psychologists and marketing folks use every tool to make sure they make an impact… I hate to feel manipulated.

  2. All well done actually only if you remember what the item was that was for sale. Google is the only one that hit it right on the dot. the other two are just a bit too subtle.

  3. @stebow – That’s true.  Thinking back, it took me several seconds to recall what the first ad was even for – wireless service from… AT&T?  Verizon?@murisopsis – At the same time that I don’t like feeling manipulated, I marvel at how well it is done.  Respect for the artist, even if they are the dark arts!@Chatamanda – I hope you enjoyed and then went and changed your browser to Google!  =D

  4. I went and checked them out too. I know of the first and the third one, but I hadn’t seen the google search one. Very impressive.One of the commercials that I recall vividly is of a mother answering a long distance call from her son, and the dad asks in a worried tone why he had called, and the mom replies with tears in her voice, ” he just called to say hello”! It was either an AT&T or Western Electric commercial. It got me every single time , and I had tears in my eyes.Thanks for that rec to Alex’s site Chris.

  5. I have seen the Google one earlier, here on Xanga itself. Someone had posted it. The other two, I hadn’t- the Liberty Mutual one was really touching… the AT&T not so much- I loved the idea of making split second decisions which change your future… but the whole president bit was too much.

  6. Thanks for sharing, Chris! I’ve not seen the google one but I can relate. It reminds me how much I appreciate the sacrifices my dad made when I was growing up. I think of it everyday, didn’t need google for that. I visited the cemetery recently. With my newborn son. And thanked him again.

  7. @doiturselfer – Your father was a wonderful man and I’m glad I had the opportunity to know him.  No doubt he would be immensely proud of his son and very pleased to have a grandson.@Dezinerdreams – Yeah, the president bit was over the top.@ZSA_MD – I can imagine that that Western Electric ad would have really spoken to you, being so far away from your parents and family.

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