Food in HK – Tsui Hang Village

With the exception of Agnès b. le pain grillé, our eating so far had been pretty low-key and casual even while the food was very good.  One evening we met my university friend Tehlin, her husband Chris, and their two children for dinner at a nice Cantonese restaurant in Central called Tsui Hang Village.

Tsui Hang Village Map

Tehlin and Chris recently returned to Hong Kong from Melbourne and while we’re sorry we didn’t get to see them in Melbourne, we’ll have many more opportunities to see them in Hong Kong.  They are one of these 21st Century couples – he an Australian who is fluent in Mandarin and works with emerging Chinese companies, she with Chinese roots in the Philippines, Taiwan, and the SF Bay Area.  They are really nice people and have two cute kids with a third on the way.


One of the cute kids, Isabel, wasn’t in the best mood as dinner started, so she pouted a little while working on her coloring book!

Tsui Hang Village is named for the hometown of Dr. Sun Yat-sen and specializes both in traditional Cantonese cooking as well as some original Cantonese creations.  There is also a location in the Miramar Shopping Centre on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.  The interior looks pretty much like every other high end Chinese restaurant – clean, bright, and a little like a hotel banquet room.  Service is prompt and attentive, though, and the real focus is the food.  Cantonese food, which sometimes has a reputation for being a little oily, is well done here with clean, bright, and fresh flavors with little use of heavy seasoning, herbs or spices – the very best of what Cantonese food is supposed to be about.


Braised pork spare ribs baked in a clay pot casserole “Zhengjiang” style.


Stewed “fungus” (mushrooms) in tofu wrapper in pumpkin, with pumpkin seed garnish.


Wok-seared seabass with light soy sauce with green beans.


Crispy roast chicken with green onions.


Chinese broccoli – Hai Shean


Shrimp wontons in broth.


Pan fried egg noodles with shredded pork and bean sprouts.

We really enjoyed the meal, which was a nice complement to our visit with Tehlin, Chris, and their children.  What more of a reason do we need for a return trip to Hong Kong than good friends and good food?


Uncle Tawn with an enthusiastic Samuel and a still somewhat undecided Isabel.  Sam’s a big transportation buff, so he and I always have plenty to talk about!


0 thoughts on “Food in HK – Tsui Hang Village

  1. Yuumy!  Seems like you and Tawn really had a nice food porn vacation!  I need to visit HK again soon!  You always get me really hungry reading your blog, you know?  smile! 

  2. Good memories from when we met you and Tawn back in 2007! We also had the privilege of meeting Tehlin and Isabel (she must have been only a few months old back then) – they’re really nice people! Please convey our regards to them.

  3. I just played nine holes of golf, and I am so hungry and tired, and look what you have here… food porn. Everything looks SO good Chris.

  4. So glad to have met up with you and Tawn. Hopefully in the future Isabel will turn out to be a more happy kid. I’m tired of all her grumpy pictures.It was great to try out 2 restaurants I’ve never been to as well. I covet your camera!Val, are you the one we met at Peking Garden for dinner that year with your family?

  5. @tehls – She’s the same one, yes.@val_yau – Regards conveyed. Now we just need to get up to Montreal to see you, too.@Roadlesstaken – You could be there in less than twenty hours, Alex…@ZSA_MD – This was one meal where everything was just as good as it looks.@Wangium – I tried adding some tiger balm on chicken and it just didn’t turn out very well.  Ha ha… just kidding.@TheCheshireGrins – Indeed it was.@waiszeblogs – Yeah, they really are cute.@icapillas – The food is the best part about Hong Kong, in my opinion.@wolf__parties – Was very good, especially since the chickens there are so much better than in the US.@CurryPuffy – Let us know when.@stevew918 – You do need to visit Hong Kong again soon.  It misses you.

  6. @Dezinerdreams –  Your personal trainer is paying me to slow you down. That way he can get paid longer!@yang1815 –  Which is a shame as it is one of my favorite veggies. Thankfully, pumpkin is available locally grown all year long here.@murisopsis –  Given what you’ve been going through at work lately, I certainly hope you are dreaming of Chinese food or something else pleasant.

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