Chef Burger

Before the snows hit us Friday night, we took the nieces to downtown Kansas City’s Power and Light District, for a special “uncles and nieces only” lunch at Chef Burger.


Ava bundled up on a chilly afternoon.  The Power and Light District is a new entertainment zone in downtown KC that was finished in the last year.  In an attempt to revive the mordant downtown, the KC government has worked with developers to build housing, restaurants, new theatres (live stage as well as a cinema), and shopping (including a Costentino’s grocery store that is very nice).  If we moved here, I could imagine buying a place downtown.


The girls with me, waiting for the burgers to arrive.


This burger has bacon, an onion ring, barbeque sauce, and blue cheese.  It was wonderful.  Especially the bun, which is a freshly-baked egg roll.


Sweet potato fries.  Emily wouldn’t try them since they had the words “sweet potato” in the name.  Ava, however, thought they were much better than the waffle fries.

P1000094 P1000083

Ava and Emily enjoy their real ice cream shakes.  Needless to say, the majority of the calories consumed were in liquid form.


Afterwards, Emily and Ava practiced some tap dancing steps on the hardwood deck outside the restaurant before we walked back to the car.  Stopping at Cosentino’s grocery, we bought some chocolate truffles, everyone picking one truffle each.  I bought a curry truffle which was decorated like a pair of dice.  The girls wanted to try and although I warned them they wouldn’t like it, they surprisingly did.  “Tastes like pumpkin,” said Ava.  Anything that’s covered in chocolate must be okay.


We stopped by my grandparents’ house, which isn’t that far from downtown.  My parents were there, too, so we enjoyed a game which Ava and Emily directed.  Kind of a version of musical chairs in which we passed toys from person to person and whomever did not have a toy when the music stopped, was deemed “out”.


Later in the day, back at my sister and brother-in-law’s house, it was time for some exercise.  Tawn showed the girls some yoga moves.

Today is our last day in KC then we’re off to New York tomorrow.  Just a few days there and then we head back towards the Pacific.  Obviously, my entries are a bit off chronologically.  Bear with me, please.


0 thoughts on “Chef Burger

  1. Danicing in the rain, the girls are so cute!  You have a wonderful family, and very happy to see that Tawn fits right in.  Very very happy for you, and safe travel.

  2. Wouldn’t try the sweet potato fries!?!? Not even a bite? I think they’re so much better than normal French fries.Great picture of you and the girls waiting for the burgers! πŸ™‚

  3. Hahaha! I love the photo were Tawn’s teaching yoga. I just downloaded a yoga podcast and man, I just can’t do it. I don’t understand the yoga jargon so I should download a video next time. :o)And man, the food looks so good and greasy! Mmm!!! Hope you guys had fun in KC and hope you enjoy New York! SHOPPING!

  4. Would you look at that burger!? It is humongous. Milk shakes? That reminds me, I have some apple pie I need to warm and top with ice cream and have it JUST NOW.

  5. i love how you guys spend so much time with the fam and do all these things with your nieces.. they are simply adorable :Dwhat are u guys doing in ny?! and for how long will u guys be here??god i could really use that burger rite now…

  6. @secade – They are pretty cute, thanks.@arenadi – Oh, THAT sounds very good.  You make them?  Maybe a trip to Hawai’i is necessary then… @lil_squirrel4ever – So do I!@iskrak – We arrive Monday afternoon and depart Friday morning.  Just visiting a few friends, some family members, and going to see “Wicked” on Wednesday.@ZSA_MD – Don’t wait a minute!@CurryPuffy – It was nice to be able to spend time with the family.@kenpcho – Don’t really need to understand the jargon; just follow what everyone else is doing.@Senlin – Oh, I completely agree.  Sweet potato fries have a TON more flavor.@Dezinerdreams – @ElusiveWords – @osmundaregalis –  It sounds like the food pics were universally popular on Xanga.@TheLatinObserver – I’ve been happy with the camera so far.  Can’t wait to break out the 18mm lens attachment.@julieae – @Chatamanda – Thank you.@stevew918 – Tawn’s been an integrated part of the family for many years now.  I’m very glad he feels so comfortable with them.@decembriel – You’re welcome.@yang1815 – Bring it on!

  7. Sweet potato fries! I have given up eating fried most things but I’ll break training for the sweet potato fries without hesitation. (and those looked especially good) The neices are growing up and cuter every time you post!

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