I Think I Hurt My Camera’s Feelings

I’ve been really faithful to my camera, a Panasonic Lumix TZ3, which I have had for about two years.  It has been an excellent camera for me and has stood up to the abuse of being carried around everywhere, every single day.  Recently, though, I think I’ve hurt my camera’s feelings.

It shouldn’t surprise me, of course.  Since my trip to Tokyo last April, I started thinking seriously about another camera, this Panasonic Lumix LX3 shown here.

panasonic-lx3 2

Two friends have the same camera, both of whom were in Tokyo shooting with it while I was there.  The LX3 has superb optics from Leica, a very wide 24mm equivalent lens, and ultra-good low-light performance.  It also has full manual focus, one of the few models of digital camera that bridge the gap between amateur and serious shutterbug without getting into the SLR models, which are just too clunky for me to carry around for everyday use.

But even once the attraction between me and the LX3 started, I remained faithful to my TZ3.  It had served me well, was still taking good pictures, and I hate to throw something away just because something newer has caught my fancy.

With this trip back to the US, though, I decided to go ahead and buy an LX3.  I wasn’t going to get rid of my TZ3 – there are plenty of cultures where men have multiple cameras, right?  That’s nothing to frown on.

But I’m afraid my TZ3 must have become suspicious or caught wind of my planned expansion of our photography family, because no sooner had I placed the order for the new camera, then the TZ3 started to throw a fit.


At first it was just minor interference and static, like the subtle horizontal lines running through this otherwise cute picture of a father walking his daughters down a residential soi, or alley, from the kindergarten that sits at the back of the soi.


My camera’s fury increased, though, along with its unpredictability.  Some moments it would take clear shots such as this one of the Singha Beer Fun Fair on the grounds that were previously part of the British Embassy, along Ploenchit Road.


A moment later, though, the tempest would be unleashed and my camera would give me nothing but static, causing misery and not allowing me to get a clear picture of things.  It was terrible.  At this point, every time I turn it on, the TZ3 is just in a blur.

So I’ve made up my mind.  Unless my TZ3 gets a new attitude, sharpens up and snaps right, I may have no choice but to leave it and move on with my life, happily snapping away with my new LX3.




For those of you familiar with Krungthep, here is a reverse shot (obviously taken before my camera started having a fit) showing you where I was shooting from – the top level of the Central Chidlom car park – the area with trees in the white building, just above and to the right of the blue banner.  This is looking down Ploenchit Road towards Chidlom BTS Skytrain Station from the pedestrian walkway linking to Wave Place (Home Pro).


0 thoughts on “I Think I Hurt My Camera’s Feelings

  1. I had my Lumix also for several years now and have been very happy with it.   Alas, during my recent trip to Galapogus Islands, I dropped it one time too much.  I guess some sand fines got into the zoom area and the camera acted very unpredictably.  Hence, I bought the newer Lumix ZS3, and really enjoying it. 

  2. I’d have to guess that the heavy use in a hot and humid environment such as BKK don’t bode well for a digital camera’s life. At least you’ll have the new baby waiting for you in the US!

  3. I had a LX3 too, but had to make a tough choice between this and the Nikon dslr. By the way, check out the new Canon S90, just came out last fall. It takes good photos in dim lighting conditions. Have fun shopping!

  4. Darn… I was going to suggest using your older camera as a backup camera. Maybe you can persuade your older camera that an open relationship (a threesome) is good for all parties.

  5. Wow, Leica. Nice. I’ve been in the market for a smaller point-and-shoot type camera myself as well — I don’t want to carry the big DSLR around; but I’m really not sure what’s out there now. This sounds like something I’d be interested in myself.

  6. haha same here…once I bought my Canon G10….my little pentax started not functioning, at last the lens refused to move …and capturing images, though I thought I would have use it as a back up camera int he first place….

  7. Nice write-up. You’ll enjoy it.@CurryPuffy – If I were in the market for a P&S right now, it would be a toss-up between the S90 and the LX3 as both have gotten great reviews. I like the size of the S90 but the speed of the LX3 lens.@ElusiveWords – Menage a trois!!! 😀@arenadi – If you want image quality, I’d say it’s probably between the LX3, S90, and the bigger brother of the S90, the G11.Although with the production cycle, the G12 should not be far away if you want to wait for that.

  8. Can you take it in to a camera shop that specializes in the repairs? May be it is just some thing simple. That camera always took such excellent pictures. So when are you coming home?

  9. @ZSA_MD – I leave in a few hours but will stop in LA and SF before making it to KC.@yang1815 – @agmhkg – @murisopsis – @arenadi – @LostSock21 – @ElusiveWords – @CurryPuffy – @TheLatinObserver – @stevew918 – Oh, the irony!  Just as soon as I posted this entry I pulled the camera out and turned it on…  and the image was perfect.  Well, the LX3 is already ordered but when I return I will take the old camera to a recommended repair shop in Krungthep and see if it can be fixed for not too much.  Having a backup is a good idea.

  10. New Camera is like a new Lover, but I keep my old one as well. But Picture size and kicking my Camera, when it just not want release the shutter, forced me to get a new one :)I like the non sharpness of my old one sometimes.like ur Blog a lot its very smooth writing, I hope to make it to Thailand this Year, want see Lady Boys :)hugMATE

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