Tawn is a big fan of rabbits.  This is no surprise, perhaps, given that he was born in the year of the rabbit.  Characteristic of a rabbit, Tawn can be a bit jumpy and is easily startled.


The nearby yoga studio and spa where Tawn goes for classes has lush landscaping and a handful of rabbits that live amongst the foliage and hop about the shady areas of the car park as if they owned the place.  They aren’t especially skittish but they will usually stay a few hops away from you if you move towards them.  In fact, once when I was picking Tawn up after a yoga class, I watched as he chased one rabbit in slow motion.  Tawn moved towards the rabbit to pet him, then the rabbit would hop away.  Then Tawn would move towards the rabbit again and once again the rabbit would hop away.  This continued for several minutes.

Once, when Tawn came out of class and was getting into his car, he noticed that a pair of rabbits were getting intimate with each other under the car.  He tried to shoo them away so he could drive off, but they just ran out from under one side of the car and then ran back under the car from the other side.  This continued for several rounds until they finally hopped off into the bushes to get back to their business.


0 thoughts on “Rabbits

  1. Awww what a cute bun pic – at least they stay still for the camera !I have a bun, but unfortunately can’t get a pic of her onto my laptop.Can just imagine the ‘chase around the car’ scene ! Lol

  2. For some weird reason, all I could picture while reading this post was two big guys in bunny suits hopping around. Maybe, I should confess that I’m nursing a tiny hangover from last night. PS: Haha… Matt’s mini is so darn cute.

  3. oh damn that’s a cute rabbit.. I almost picked two rabbits up from a pet store. Theyre too cute and fluffy… We used to see them all the time in our backyard. Brown ones but they werent so fat.. we had a nest of them on our patio once too… there were like 6 or 7 of them. soooo cute.

  4. we have rabbits on campus! i’ve never tried to chase them, but sometimes when they’re feeling lazy they’ll just sit there and watch you walk by. it’s pretty cute.

  5. @ElusiveWords – They only leave the compound to go to the store when they run out of carrots.@yang1815 – Jackrabbits or cottontails?@kunhuo42 – You should try chasing them sometime.  Would make an interesting blog entry…@agmhkg – Rabbit sex is always funny…@gweirdo – They are pretty cute animals, aren’t they?@Dezinerdreams – Will there be an entry about what transpired to cause the tiny hangover?@CurryPuffy – There is a lot of lush foliage here thanks to the tropical climate, and a lot more wildlife than I would expect in a big city.@Chatamanda – I had to approach very slowly to get the picture, then crop the one I took so it wouldn’t look like I was so far away.@Roadlesstaken – Alex!!!@TheLatinObserver – Nah, just two of them at that moment.  I didn’t lift their fur to look for little bunny balls.

  6. That is so cute that Tawn would ‘hop’ around with the rabbits. We have a lot of them in our yard come spring. Actually they are quite pesky, and destroy the early saplings, and chew off the rose buds when they appear. But they are cute.

  7. How unusual, to see Rabbits so randomly. I think I would like that very much, if rabbits existed in the way stray cats do. I’d probably start a little rabbit colony. Here, we have chickens that roam around wild. I joke that you can’t go hungry here because all you’d have to do is catch a chicken and light a fire.Tawn and I are probably the same age.

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