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Since Tawn blogs about fashion I thought that maybe I should try it, too.  I’ll take a “man on the street” perspective.  After all, if we’re to believe the stereotypes, should I be really keen on fashion? 

Here is Exhibit A in my new project: a man waiting on the Skytrain platform with a gold shoulder bag that has a built in boom box.  Well, more like a boomette box.


Is that not just the height of fashion?  I tell you, if I thought I could pull off that look, you just know I would.  Sadly, I look dorky even with just an iPod.


0 thoughts on “Chris’ Fashion Blog

  1. haha the skinny jeans are interesting too… not many guys can pull of that look. i never quite understood the skinny jean phase in womens clothing either. ive always stuck to my comfy jeans with a bit of flare at the end.. The bag is cool but i think it should have been a lil thinner. its so bulky and the gold in my opinion doesn’t look good on him either. it should have been black. that would have looked cooler. the gold makes it look like a woman’s bag.

  2. I doubt you’re as dorky as you say! I love the guys shoes in your pic. And thanks for the link to Tawn’s blog. I didn’t know he had one so it will be interesting to read it. I ❤ Fashion. 🙂

  3. I’m not a fashion plate myself but that guy is the epitome of “anti-fashion”. Skinny jeans, the metallic gold, the bandana as a bib, hi-tops with the rolled cuffs – erk!

  4. Wearing tight skinny jeans under 100% humidity and 90degrees plus weather takes some guts! I like his shoes too! Good idea of you to take fashion snapshots around the streets of BKK. Looking forward to seeing more to come. ^0^

  5. wow i dont think a lot of people can pull that off. it sucks cuz sometimes you really like or admire something but you just know that it would be awkward if on yourself!

  6. That’ss a pretty intense bag… I like the way that sort of stuff looks, but I don’t think that I ever could ever pull it off. i’m so bad with style…

  7. I’ve never seen a bag like that before, I think it’scool, but if I had one, I would be more careful abouthow I carried it than that guy is. It’s just asking for an attempted bag snatch !

  8. @arenadi – @ElusiveWords – You guys are funny.  Like a comedy sideline on my blog.  LOL@Chatamanda – Thankfully we don’t have too many of those here.  I also think the bag looks like one of those insulated types in which you can pack your lunch and keep it cool.@ElusiveWords – I think those skinny pants, esp those that are situated around the hips instead of the waist, aren’t especially flattering as they foreshorten your legs and lengthen your torso.@Roadlesstaken – Wouldn’t that be funny of any of the candid snaps I take?@secade – Abercrombie and Fitch.  They’re from Ohio, right?@iskrak – Which is how I feel about any type of real fashion… just wouldn’t work on me.  Doc Martens worked okay back in the day, though.@bejewel07 – Yeah, but it is a fashionable dorky, not a dorky dorky.@stebow – I can’t imagine me in skinny jeans at all.  Thank god for loose cut.@lil_squirrel4ever – With enough attitude you can carry anthing at all.@CurryPuffy – @brooklyn2028 – Actually, I like the artsy converse shoes, too.  I love converse shoes but they are too narrow for my feet.@murisopsis – Is anti-fashion now fashionable?  I can’t keep up with it?  Regarding Tawn’s $200 pair of “pre-aged” jeans, my now-deceased paternal grandmother once remarked. “Those are quite worn in the knees – you’re going to have to get a new pair soon.”  LOL@yang1815 – Yeah, but it is a gen 1 iPod…@agmhkg – Well, Tokyo guys pluck their eyebrows, too.  I’m not sure I give them a lot of marks for good fashion.@Dezinerdreams – I thought you might get a kick out of it.@gweirdo – I think he’s going for the disco bag look, which only works in gold.  Or mirrored tiles.

  9. @christao408 –  ok i gotcha. i guess the gold makes sense then.. i like posts like these.. reminds me of my creative writing classes in highschool where the teacher gives us a picture of something random and we create a story or interpret the scene… or just comment what we feel…

  10. when I first saw the blog title, I was kind of expecting Chris posting in fashion.  Looking at the picutre, I can only imagine how Chris looks like in that outfit, hehe.  smile.

  11. @christao408 –  lol well i certainly looked better i mean back in 2007… ops how time flies… couldnt make it before i jet off to germany… wish i could visit bangkok again next year after i have completed my study here… probably end of next year.. will both you and tawn still there?

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