Christian Homosexuals?

A new reader and subscriber, Mary, posed an interesting question in a recent blog entry.  Is there such a thing as a Christian Homosexual?

Here was my response to her question:

If by “Christian” homosexual you mean a homosexual who accepts Jesus Christ as his or her savior and follows the teaching of Christ, then the answer is yes.  If by “Christian” you mean someone who fits into narrowly defined views of the the world as prescribed by leaders and followers of certain denominations who claim to be “real” Christians and have the “right” interpretation of the New and Old Testaments, then it probably depends upon those individual leaders and followers and not the homosexual person him- or herself.

Thoughts?  Anyone want to touch an electric wire?  Thanks to Mary for being willing to address the big questions.

Click on the picture to go to a post about this crazy group
formed by another “reformed” homosexual. LOL

Mary also described herself in another post as a returning Xangan and asked for recommendations of blogs worth reading.  I want to let you know that my recommendation was that she read the blogs of the people who comment on my blog as there are some really thoughtful, talented writers here.  Thanks to everyone for contributing to Xanga and for helping make it a civil place to exchange thoughts and views.


0 thoughts on “Christian Homosexuals?

  1. So, I am one of the writers, though I am not very talented.Chris, your answer is very good.By the way, I am not a Christian. I am an agnostic. I am not gay either, but I support gay people. There should not be discrimination against gay people.

  2. It’s silly to think that being homosexual precludes someone from being a Christian as if Christians never struggle with any other sort of sin throughout their lifetime. I can understand that some Christians argue that if gay people aren’t “actively” trying to change then they’re not really being Christian but I don’t think that’s true, because everyone knows being gay is a struggle every single day. Anyways, if a gay Christian happens to be loving God and loving his neighbor, I think God would find the fact that the person being gay insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Of course someone could also argue that about say, murders and rapists, except they’re not loving their neighbors, and blah blah argument continues… I think your answer pretty much is the only answer anyone needs to know and whatever else is between that person and God.

  3. I really like your answer.  I despise how some individuals in our society hide behind their “religion” to justify their narrow-minded beliefs.  Because Christianity has become almost synonymous with ignorance and hypocrisy in some instances it is almost shameful to label oneself a Christian in the modern world.  I notice that sometimes the people who preach and boast the loudest are the ones who put religion to shame.  I believe in God, but I’m not sure even that I qualify as a true Christian in the traditional sense.

  4. Christianity and my homosexuality are to the sources of my daily stress. I have struggled to have the two come to terms for years now…it was better when I was frustrated because now I don’t even care that much anymore…I feel like I’ve raised my white flag on this issue…

  5. Chris…I am going to preface anything that I say by stating that I am not in the business of judging people, that is God’s job not mine ( thank goodness!!!) and you already know that I love you !!! I do not believe that God sees sin or any other deviation from His plan for His people in shades of grey, I think He sees in two colors…black and white…right and wrong. I do not believe that He views one “sin” as any more grave than the next. The only sin that I know of that is “Unforgiveable” is associated with speaking against the Holy Spirit . I think that hateful speech or actions towards anyone else, such as the deplorable actions of Fred Phelps and his misguided family, are as reprehensible to God as anything that you or I could ever do to displease him!!! Can a Homosexual be a Christian? Yes, I believe so, because NONE of us are perfect…not on this side of Heaven anyway!! Each of us struggle with different issues in our lives, I struggle with overeating, the sin of gluttony. Will the Homosexual community feel welcomed in every church that they go to? No, unfortunately the will not but that is because of the human beings in that church not because of the God they worship!! God loves each and every one of us…look what He did to reserve a spot for us in Heaven? He sent his only Son to earth to walk in our shoes, experience the pain and temptations that each of us face each day. And to experience the awful pain and disgrace of death on the cross to win our pardon!!! Praise God for loving each and every one of us for who we are and where we are right now!!! I strive daily to reach the goal that He has for me!! I am a member of what is arguably one of the more conservative churches in the world…Southern Baptist. You might not feel “welcome” in our church…but that doesn’t mean that the individual people ( me) can’t love and accept you….and pray for you if you are experiencing pain or loss in your life.  I think the secret is for us to all learn to know each other as individuals and not look at broad definitions of “who we are”…learn to know the person inside the “label”….learn to love and accept them as we want to be loved and accepted!! Ruth Ann

  6. “changing homosexuals into ORDINARY people”…….. Ouch! lolI was brought up a christian, and that was a little tough. To know that you are wronge, and what your feeling is a sin. I don’t know what I am now but I still talk to god sometimes =PIn any case its nice to see the great responses this blog has had =)

  7. Interesting commentary. Several people alluded to the fact that homosexuality is a sin…don’t buy it, unless one feels that homosexuality is a choice. I suppose any one of us could “choose” to have an intimate relationship with another person of the same gender, but this doesn’t particularly mean that person is “homosexual”. If a believer in God understands sin to be a separation from God or a break in our relationship to God, then no believer is free from sin as we all are separate from God by our own choices, not from anything God does. What sets the Christian apart from Judaism or Islam is our belief that God sent Jesus, as a part of God, to take the yoke representing human sin upon himself, and through his suffering and death to bridge that separation. Thus Christians are “saved”. This is the essence of the Christian belief at a very simplistic level.My point is that, regardless of one’s sexual orientation, we all experience a separation from God, but can accept the message that Jesus represents for us as Christians. It boils down to each individual’s choice. No other individual has a more direct line to God than another, therefore judging how one is accepted by God is impossible.

  8. Great answer Chris! I consider myself a Christian homosexual (I’m a church pianist too, actually). I don’t preach about heaven and hell as much as the other person, but I do preach about love and forgiveness through my actions (like how Jesus would) =)

  9. I think you gave a really good answer but I truly believe that anyone (regardless of sexual orientation) can be Christian if they accept Jesus. I don’t think that if Jesus were around today that he’d really like anyone telling others who is allowed or not allowed to follow his teachings.

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