0 thoughts on “Thunderstorms in Bangkok Video Project

  1. I am not sure about my reason for thinking, that you were homesick when you made this video. Do you miss home Chris?  It’s probably because rain and thunder storms always remind me of home, and I wondered if you thought so too.Very nicely done.

  2. @Wangium –  Bangkok Dangerous with Nick Cage?@ZSA_MD –  Interesting observation. Not homesick but if I had grown up here, I think this is the type of weather I would miss.@TheCheshireGrins –  You got it. I even included the handy link at the top of the entry directing you to Amazon.com so you can rush and buy the album! =)@murisopsis –  Yes, I’ll take the rain, too. Windstorms, sand storms – yuck!@ElusiveWords –  Thank you. All I need now is an actual video camera. Saw a doc last night by a Thai director about tenant rice farmers in Chiang Rai. Shot the whole thing with an HD cam and pumped up the color saturation. I have never seen green rice look so awesome against a blue sky.@yang1815 –  Glad you enjoyed it.

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