Air Conditioning Fiasco Resolved

A week after it started, we finally resolved the air conditioning situation.  You will recall that we moved the unit from bedroom A to bedroom B because it was a bit too loud for Tawn.  But the replacement installed into bedroom A stopped working after exactly one night.  Since the owner of the air conditioning company was out of town on a New Zealand holiday, we had to wait for his return to do anything more than have the new unit and compressor removed.

Instead of replacing the Panasonic unit that lasted only one night with another Panasonic unit, the decision was made to return to the same Mitsubishi model that we originally had installed in bedroom A – the one that we removed because it makes too much noise. 

According to the sales person, the noise issue was because of how it was installed and isn’t related to the machine itself.  That may be true, since I work in bedroom B and haven’t heard any noises when running the Mitsubishi until throughout the week.

In any case, this should help lower our electricity bill next month, since for the past week we had the main living room air con running all night and used fans to blow the cool air into bedroom A.

Check that off the list!


0 thoughts on “Air Conditioning Fiasco Resolved

  1. Well…that was fixed a lot quicker than I thought it would be!!! You were lucky!! I think that heat is why I spent so much time doing volunteer work with the Army Community Service while I was there…the building they were in was air conditioned…lol. Ruth Ann

  2. I sometimes sleep without AC as my thermostat hasn’t worked in years. So the AC just keeps on going. So I cool off the condo and turn it off just before I sleep. (yeah…. I know, I need to unleash my inner farang and get it fixed).

  3. I know how you feel. We had a heat wave of 90+ days and the nights were not getting cool. Our dear, beloved, most mature AC unit died. We knew it had been ailing but it just up and quit. It took 2 weeks to get my husband to admit we needed to have it repaired/replaced. The company (Church by name) was able to perform a miracle and resurrect the unit (now renamed Lazarus). Of course the day it is repaired the heat wave ended and the high was 70. That’s how it goes… Glad you are cooler too.

  4. “According to the sales person, the noise issue was because of how it was installed and isn’t related to the machine itself.” That is true. I once have a very noisy air-conditioner. I remove the front cover of the air-conditioner and the noise is gone.

  5. @ZSA_MD – @choyshinglin – @stebow – @TheCheshireGrins – @yang1815 – @kunhuo42 – @Jillycarmel –  @stevew918 – @XXKimPossibleXX – Thanks for your comments.  Yes, it is certainly nice to have air con in the room again and, would you believe, it has worked for two consecutive nights?  Amazing!@murisopsis – Lazarus… Ha!@Redlegsix – That was their way to spur volunteerism.@ElusiveWords – Deep down, you just know you are a farang!

  6. tat’s a good news to you, and thk god I havn’t been using an AC since I moved to Vancouver……back in HK I started to use the AC as early as mid March just becos of the humidity………till the early Oct, didn’t even want to look at the bills!

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