Action Adventure Dream

Normally, I sleep without dreams, at least none that I remember.  But last night I had a rather intense dream that seemed to last a long while.  Perhaps because I’ve been thinking about my primary school days recently, combined with the question of adding and deleting people on Facebook, the dream took an odd form.

Set in an action/adventure genre along the lines of James Bond or various Hong Kong cop and mafia movies, in my dream I was (as an adult) working in some half-finished abandoned office building.  Several bad guys, all of whom had been bullies in my primary school, were after me, trying to kill me.  I had to fight back using nothing more than my gun, my fists and my wits.

I woke up before anything substantial happened, like stepping out of the cinema mid-film and not returning. 

Thinking more about it, I think the dream was partly influenced by the fact that I chose not to add a few suggested friends on Facebook who were people I don’t have pleasant memories of.  One in particular used to tease me in junior high school because my jeans were a bit short – I was growing taller quite fast – making fun of my “floods”, as he called them.

Yeah, not going to add him to my Facebook friends list.


0 thoughts on “Action Adventure Dream

  1. I don’t blame you …I wouldnt add him either!!! Isn’t it sad, how cruel children can be and how long we remember the spiteful things they said and did?? I hope you can concentrate on the more pleasant memories of your childhood so those bullies don’t bother your dreams anymore!! Ruth Ann

  2. I am no dream decipher expert but from what I’ve been told and read…..dreams are never as they seem and are always opposite of what they appear to be.  So something good or exciting might unfold soon.  For example, if you dream about coming across some money, it actually means you are going to lose money or some valuable item. Kids can be so mean …. I would not add that person either.

  3. Your body actually secretes chemicals intended to obliterate dreams and to keep you still in sleep, but my father used to get very adgitated in sleep and to hit and kick my mother. They had separarte beds pretty quick. He had some kind of hormone imbalance that caused this. Personally, I think dreams are like hitting the fast-forward button on a VCR. The tape is still in contact with the playback head, but it’s just going really fast. Humans are built to be systems analysts. We try to derive meaning out of any sequence of events, however disjointed or non-sequiter.Dreams are how we purge our memory banks, but we can’t accept that, so we try to connect the disjointed events into a scenario. I think that’s also what art is.

  4. i deleted my myspace, deactivate facebook (since it’s impossible to delete), and recently stop logging on AIM. i just want to focus on my future.

  5. Dreams are bizarre. I really hate the suggested friends thing on Facebook because a lot of the time, I really don’t think that I ever knew the people that they are suggesting for me.

  6. You are so lucky…my dreams are always so vivid and it’s hard to go back to sleep afterwards.Sure, some dreams can be sweet and happy, but that’s a rare case.Most of my dreams are just plain…weird…and the times when I have nightmares…I just can’t get back to sleep

  7. @Wangium – What’s interesting is that I used to have incredibly vivid dreams.  Sometime in the last decade, though, they’ve mostly gone away.@Tom Lockwood – That’s very interesting.  I didn’t realize that was the case.  So, can I take the fact that I don’t remember most of my dreams to mean that my body is working the way it is supposed to?@XXKimPossibleXX – Hmmm… that makes the meaning of my dream even more mysterious.  If people were trying to take life from me in my dream, then does that mean that in real life I’ll end up giving life to someone else? @Redlegsix – @ZSA_MD – Yep, didn’t add him and he didn’t send a friend request to me, so maybe he feels bad about being a bully.@TheCheshireGrins – That feature is really not very hepful.@iso_whiteSnow – Good for you.  I’m glad you’re still keeping xanga as your one vice, though! =)

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