A New Phone

P1170061 After my phone was munched a week ago by the Skytrain fare gate, I started searching for a replacement.  Fancy phone?  Basic phone?  iPhone?  PC-based interface?  What to do, what to do?

I though my problem was solved when I discovered Tawn’s old Motorola Razr sitting in his dresser drawer.  It looked like it was in okay shape and I thought that maybe it still worked. 

After charging it up and slipping my SIM card in, I discovered why he had abandoned the phone: it no longer reads SIM cards.  Pretty, but functionless.

With the LCD leak spreading, covering about half again as much of the screen as in the picture above, I realized it was time to act.

nokia1680-Black I was really torn about what to do, hesitant to spend the money on something really fancy (phones are super expensive here – an iPhone is about $800). 

Finally, after a browse in the local Nokia store, I settled on a Nokia 1680, a classic candybar model (pictured left) that is, in their range of about 40 models, about three from the bottom.

The only models more basic than mine were a strictly black and white model (what I had before) and a color model without a camera. 

My model has a color screen and a 3-megapixel camera, but not too much other than that.  Most importantly it looks super-durable.  the buttons are sort of “rubberized” and the case has a very solid feel to it.

Best of all, it was only $52, which for a phone here is quite a steal.  Hopefully it will last me several years.

Whew!  I feel so much better now that that decision has been made.


0 thoughts on “A New Phone

  1. I had no idea an iPhone is that expensive over there! Yikes! I haven’t decided what type of phone to get yet. My bf recently got a Blackberry (I guess he wants to support a Canadian company). It looks pretty complex to use with a bewildering number of applications.

  2. Good deal! We have several phones that are still good but have discontinued the service. Looking to donate them to a charity… Glad you found a basic workhorse phone. The iPhone makes me dizzy – tried one in the store and all the flipping and flashing screens hurt my eyes.

  3. Mine is HTC and got too many gadgets.   Yours have the right balance of cost, look and basic functions you need.  I did not know phones are so much more expensive overseas.

  4. I bought a ‘basic’ Nokia while in HK, it also has a rubberized surface like yours, with no camera, but it has a flashlight; costs around US$20.

  5. Holy moly! For that price, you can buy a few iPhones here!! So I always wondered — do they run similar to the ones here? As in, are you able to download the millions of apps the iPhone is known for?Congrats on finally settling on a phone!

  6. Hello…I hope you don’t ‘mind that I wandered over from Trip Crazeds site…your blog about your train ride to Prachinburi caught my attention…my husband was stationed in Prachinburi in 1971 and we were both in Bangkok from 72 – 74!! I want to thank you for the stroll down memory lane…I can’t wait to share your blog with my husband!!! I also see that we have one other spot in this earth in common…Kansas City is my home…and my oldest daughter and her family live there right now. I will look forward to reading more about your adventures in Thailand…I hope that I can convince my husband to force himself back onto a plane ( His last plane ride was in 1974….coming home from Thaiand!!) so that we can visit The Land of Smiles again!!! Ruth Ann

  7. @curry69curry – I actually saw one of those flashlight phones and was curious about it.  Do they actually provide any meaningful light?@ZSA_MD – A long and fruitful relationship, I hope!  =)@RedStarr5 – Yeah, iPhones function the same here.  They are just more expensive (as are all phones) because there is little or no subsidies from service providers.  For example, no long-term contracts.  I can switch my provider at any time with no penalty.@stevew918 – Yeah, that’s the brand Tawn has and it just seemed too much for me.@choyshinglin – I think the situation is similar in HKG, right?  No contracts with carriers so no subsidy on the phone’s price.@murisopsis – I would have to imagine there are several charities that would love your phones.@ElusiveWords – I’d love to support a Canadian company, but I had a blackberry and hated it.  I don’t need to be in touch with anyone that easily!  Of course nowadays the email demands on my life are lower… thankfully.@TheCheshireGrins – @Dezinerdreams – Yeah, I’m happy the search is over!@Redlegsix – Welcome!  There is always an interesting stream of people who find their way to this blog from all sorts of common threads.  Tell your husband that airplane travel has improved greatly since 74!  Seat back TVs, hundreds of songs to listen to, etc.  Let me know if you do decide to visit.

  8. lol guess what? my thai workers even use better phone!! >.< i just not willing to spend too much money on a phone… as i seldom use it now compared the days in japan… i wish i can use the japanese phone here… anyway wish the phone will serve you longer… do love it ok?? =p

  9. @christao408 –  The comfort of the plane is not an issue…(although I am not sure I Will love the trip to Spain this next Spring to visit with our daughter…it will be better if I lose the 50 lbs I want to lose!!!) Pat ( my hubby) was in 2 helicopter crashes back in Vietnam so he prefers to keep his feet on terra firma…lol. Thanks for the welcome..and thanks for stopping by my little corner of Xanga to visit. Ruth Ann

  10. If not for games, camera, map, and internet, I think I’d be happiest with Nokia too.I guess my phone is my traveling entertainment center.

  11. @Wangium – And if I traveled more – such as when I was working in the US and flying for business all the time – those would be really beneficial features.@agmhkg – Yeah, it sure is difficult.  Especially the “I’m running a few minutes late” and “Okay, where exactly is your place?” features.  =)

  12. @yang1815 – Yeah, it has that quality.  For me, the arrangement of my life and work schedule is such that I don’t need to be able to push or pull email.  In fact, since I work 12 hours away from my HQ, a crackberry would just be beeping me awake in the middle of the night.

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