Random Saturday

For the first time this year, rain fell in Krungthep.  After several days of increasingly hot and increasingly humid weather, the clouds built and the wind fell still.  Then, on the way home from my Thai lesson, the wind picked back up and the temperature dropped several degrees.  Halfway down the soi, riding on the back of the motorcycle taxi, the first drops fell on me.  There was that smell: the first rain of the season evaporating on the oily, dusty pavement.


We have several ferns on our balcony, very pretty ones.  Tawn and I are having a debate as to the cause, but about three weeks ago all the fronds turned yellow and fell off.  In the following days a dozen new fronds sprouted and took their place.  Tawn thinks that this is just the season when ferns drop their fronds.  I think he overwatered (there was an inch of standing water in the saucer below the pots) and killed the fronds.  Any fern experts available to help settle this matter?


On Saturday we went to the travel fair at Queen Sirikit Convention Centre.  I tell you, if you have some free time in the next month or so, there are some amazing deals to be had.  25,000 baht to Australia on Singapore Airlines.  33,000 baht to London.  All sorts of deals on resorts here in Thailand.

Unfortunately, our travel plans for the next two months are already booked, so we couldn’t take advantage of these deals.

We did, however, find some ninjas at the Yokoso! Japan booth.  These were real Japanese and they even spoke Thai, too.  Impressive, huh?  Probably not real ninjas, though.


There is something odd about the stereotypes the Japanese tourism authority is trading in.  But if it gets people to visit (like we are in April) then I guess it works.

Best “must-see” item from the brochures: the Ramen Museum in Yokohama.


0 thoughts on “Random Saturday

  1. Having lived all my childhood in Kerala, where it rains almost throughout the year I miss rain dearly! It hardly drizzles here in Delhi. I don’t know what caused it and its a though call to make because I see logic in both the arguments. Why don’t you over-water the ferns again and see if it falls; that shall sort it out. Btw, I love the wooden birds… it looks so pretty!

  2. Actually Chris, what better way is there to hide the fact that you are a ninja than to dress up like one?There probably some covert operation going on in the area that we don’t know about and this is a disguise!

  3. Are there lots of freebies at the Travel Fair? I passed up an opportunity to visit the fair some years ago. I sure did not get a good deal booking flights withing Vietnam!

  4. @TheCheshireGrins – Yes, a museum dedicated to the many varieties.  Neat, huh?
    @marc11864 – Without a doubt, they are real ninjas posing as Tourism Authority workers dressing up as ninjas.
    @curry69curry – Most of the freebies are in the form of brochures.  Great place to go kill a tree.  Flights in Vietnam are still expensive.  Train is cheaper.
    @venice – Thanks – that’s what I thought, too.  Ferns need moist, not swamp.

  5. In the tropics the ferns grow haphazardly all over. They ( especially the needle fern that you have ), need a lot of space to spread their roots. Its possible that the pot is too small;  we used to water them just enough to let the water run off. Letting the water stand constantly is not good for any plant, I think.

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