Random Bits

Did I tell you about my newest project?  It’s a coffee table book called Overloaded Trucks of Thailand.  Here’s one of the photos:



My friend Stephanie, the younger sister of high school friend Samantha (who herself is a talented cook), went over the top for her youngest son’s fourth birthday.  Joaquin’s school doesn’t allow parents to bring sweets for birthdays, espousing a belief in a healthy eating environment, so Stephanie stayed up late the night before making this fruit tray, arranged in the image of Mickey Mouse.

I share this so that if you think I’m an overachiever, you’ll know that there is someone who outclasses me by far!

Fruit cake


The other day while waiting at the Thong Lor Skytrain station, I watched a lovely sunset.  One of the upsides to having a lot of haze in Thailand (honestly, not just pollution; it is the humidity, too) is the beautiful sunsets.



Received news from my aunt Sandy that my cousin Michael and his fiancee Sara have decided to postpone their August wedding.  They are both working part time and still studying.  Trying to make ends meet plus host a wedding is just too much stress. 

A very brave decision, I think.  As I wrote in an email to them, the wedding is a single day but the marriage is the rest of your life.  You need to make the decisions that lay a stable foundation for the whole lifetime, not just focus on that single day. 

A lot of couples get stressed out about the wedding and making sure it is perfect, only to find themselves in a lot of debt afterwards.  As I can attest from personal experience, finances are one of the biggest sources of stress in a relationship, so much better to start out without unnecessary financial pressure.

We’ll reconvene in 2010 and have the wedding then and, with any luck, we’ll all be enjoying a more stable economic environment at that time.  Here’s to hoping…


30 thoughts on “Random Bits

  1. Silly to spend tons on a single event like a wedding. I’m thinking the best is to keep it simple and small. Take the money that would be spent and make a down payment on a house or the deposit on an apartment… The Mickey Mouse fruit tray was a work of art – very talented!

  2. weddings are stressful indeed, our wedding was really low budget and that was after saving a couple of years already.  that’s a good decision for them to wait.
    i just love that mickey mouse fruit tray, it’s so cute and very creative!

  3. haha omg that Mickey Mouse tray is pretty amazing. And I agree with you on how finances are big stresses in a relationship. Especially when one is trying to match his or her partner’s lifestyle and spending habits, but can’t because he or she doesn’t earn as much in comparison. It’s good your cousin decided to delay it.

  4. Wow! The Mickey Mouse tray is awesome. I would have never had the patience, nor the creativity to do something like that.
    As for your cousin, I totally understand not wanting to get married right now. I hope that when they eventually are ready to get married that everything is perfect for them. The economy is making everything hard right now!

  5. Haha, I like the title of your coffee table book. And that Mickey Mouse is awesome!! I really like what you wrote to your cousin. Definitely better to be financially stable to start their life together on the right foot!

  6. I’ll be eagerly awaiting for the coffee table book, with beautiful images of the Big Mango! Isn’t nice to have someone spent so much effort in making a birthday celebration worthwhile? Hey Chris, I’d very much like to try NY water when I visit the Big Apple! LOL

  7. Nice work on the MM fruit tray! That’s a lot more work than I’d ever do with fruit. I’m quite proud of Michael & Sara and their very sensible decision making. And it’s not the cost of the wedding itself that caused them to postpone, it was the cost of living on their own that made them rethink their ability to get hitched this year. Kudos to them.I’d like to know when the coffee table book is published… Think I can get an autographed copy? ;-D

  8. @ElusiveWords – Overloaded motorcycles are really Vietnam.  Not too many of them here in Bangkok.
    As for missing the entry, I have the same problem.  If I don’t check frequently enough, I tend to miss entries.  On the flip side, if I don’t go back and check my feedback list, sometimes I miss comments made to previous entries.  It is a full time job just keeping up!

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