Eating at the Chia Tai Agricultural Fair

It isn’t enough to just go and see the fruits and vegetables being grown in the Chia Tai demonstration gardens.  You have to eat them, too!

It turns out that they weren’t too happy when I attempted to pull a carrot out of the ground and see how it tasted.  Instead, security suggested I head over to the food tents to satisfy any hunger pangs.

Sure enough, amidst the rows and rows of processed foods manufactured and sold by parent company CP Foods (they audaciously sell their label of frozen entrees called CP Fresh Mart, which you could select from a freezer case then they would microwave them for you on the spot – not a hundred steps away from acres and acres of fresh produce!), there was actually a few stalls selling freshly-prepared food items.

P1130677 P1130675

I counted three items for sale made from (presumably) local produce: steamed pumpkin buns, pumpkin donuts, and steamed corn on the cob.


The pumpkin buns, made from a yeast dough in a process described in the video below, were light and tasty and I could have easily eaten a dozen of them.  The pumpkin donuts, below, were even more amazing.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a lighter, less oily donut.  Krispy Kreme take note!


Here’s a two-minute video that will tell you all about it.

Hope you enjoy.

22 thoughts on “Eating at the Chia Tai Agricultural Fair

  1. @Dezinerdreams – It is interesting; I didn’t like pumpkin and squash at all when I was growing up and even avoided it into university.  But eventually I gave them another chance and, trying them different ways, found out what it was that others enjoyed.
    As for the buns and the donuts, they don’t have much pumpkin in them so the flavor isn’t that pronounced.  More just adding a bit of colour.

  2. @Wangium – Yeah, a food court on every corner.  Or something like that.  This is my question, in all seriousness: why can’t the US manage to have quick, convenient and healthy food that isn’t super expensive?  I can’t think of a single parallel to street vendors in the US (other than hot dog vendors…) and that’s got to be one of the reasons for the weight problem there.  Quick eating shouldn’t have to automatically equal unhealthy eating.

  3. After my experience on the farm in the summer, I was definitely say there is not nothing better than a fresh vegetable pulled out of the ground and eaten…even if there is still a bit of dirt on it! Pumpkin doughnuts…sign me up!

  4. There are some Latino street vendors in the cityalthough they are still expensive compared to Asia, I am not too sure whyand there aren’t that much variety…the closest I can think of is the tamale lady or Vancouver street vendor days…

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