Merry Jolly Mango Christmas

As you peruse these pictures and two-minute video of the holiday decorations around town, just keep repeating this mantra to yourself:

“It’s a predominately Buddhist nation… It’s a predominately Buddhist nation…”

Sure, you may find that really hard to believe given the huge quantity of Christmas ornamentation, but that’s just as much a testament to the commercialisation of Christmas than any conversion of the Thai populace to a new faith.


Above, the Central Chidlom department store on Phloenchit Road.  Below, Central World Plaza on the corner of Rama I and Ratchaprop Roads. 


Here’s a little video, set to cheerful music by Nat King Cole, to help you enjoy the sights of the season here in the wintry Big Mango:

25 thoughts on “Merry Jolly Mango Christmas

  1. I like one commet from  here……Commercialization of the Festivals….. haahhaha and it’s all over the world……anyway at least it is time for us to celebrate…

  2. Like I said before, some of the best christmas decorations I ever saw, were in Thailand Hongkong and Singapore. What do you mean wintry Big Mango…..your temperature going down below 80F? It has been snowing here all night and day. Looks pretty, but then I made the mistake of going to the Rotary Club meeting. Good thing the Benz has tires that can hug the road well.

  3. @agmhkg – @tdaojensen – Yeah, I’m sure if you stopped the average Thai and asked about the meaning of all these decorations, they’d be hard-pressed to explain.  But then, I suspect the average westerner or Christian might have a hard time relating reindeer to the birth of Christ, too!

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