And the goose is getting fat…

Is there any doubt that the holidays are just around the corner?  All over the Big Mango we’re seeing signs of the holidays:

Twinkling lights, which are already popular here, are in even greater abundance. 

Gift baskets, the staple of New Year’s greetings especially in business, are being put together, cellophane wrapped and set out for sale.  (Below left)

And the random ornament displays have been set out, including this huge deer head with psychedelic antlers which we spotted at the J Avenue “lifestyle shopping centre” on Soi Thong Lor.  (Below Right)

P1120482 P1120485

Everywhere we go, Christmas music is playing.  It is very festive and not just a little strange, considering that Christians make up less than one percent of this country’s population.

But here’s the deal: Buddhism doesn’t have any catchy holiday carols.  Sure, there’s the chanting, but where are the Wan Makha Bucha carols?  Sadly, there aren’t any.

We’re preparing for our sixteen day trip in the United States, for which we depart a week from Thursday.  So much to be done beforehand and we have several projects that we would like to wrap up before that departure.

We’ll see.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in Thailand, it is to not get my heart set on having something done by a particular date.

22 thoughts on “And the goose is getting fat…

  1. I just came back from a 5-day trip to Manila, Philippines, and the Christmas atmosphere is also very evident, with beautiful Christmas lights & holiday rush at the malls, heavy traffic caused by busy shoppers. However, back here in Taiwan, which is mainly a Buddhist country, I feel nothing of that sort. It’s pretty gloomy 😦

  2. Some of the best lights we saw at Christmas one year, were in Bangkok. Have a safe trip home Chris. Are you planning on going anywhere while you are here, or just enjoy time with family?

  3. Haha, I like that deer!Learning to not be bothered about when you get things finished is a good lesson. Sometimes you can get so bent up in deadlines that other things begin to suffer.

  4. That’s awesome, coming back to the US for a few weeks! What’s your itinerary? I’m also glad that you and your partner remained safe amidst the political turmoil in Thailand.

  5. @ABloggingHorse – Hi Daniel – how’ve you been?  Have you just completely abandoned your blog?  We’ll be in SF from the 18-23 then on to Kansas City to visit some family until the 31st when we swing back through SF on our way home. 
    Thanks for the thoughts; the most dangerous day here during political turmoil is still many times safer than a walk down Market Street. 

  6. @blue_beau – That is one of the great things about Thailand – always finding reasons to have a fun time.  I truly appreciate that.  Thanks for the wishes for safe travel.  As long as the airport is open when we return, I’m sure we’ll be fine.  =)

  7. @icapillas – Interesting observations.  I would expect that Taiwan would have more Christmas decorations than it sounds like it does because I know there is a pretty sizable Christian community there.  Manila is no surprise, of course.

  8. @ZSA_MD – Thanks for the wishes for safe travel, Zakiah.  We’ll be in SF for a few days then on to Kansas City for eight.  We were toying with the idea of heading to Quincy for a visit but I think this will be quite a busy trip.  We’ll have to schedule that for another time, maybe this summer.

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