Thai Pile Driving

P1100804 I carry my camera with me just about everywhere I go, because you never know what interesting, blog-worthy things you will see.  Case in point: as Tawn and I were driving down Soi Phom Phong (Sukhumvit 39) we saw a group of laborers driving piles for the construction of a guard shack.

No large pieces of machinery for these construction workers.  No pile driver banging away with an incessant “clang”, “clang”, “clang.”  Instead, the scene was all smiles and song. 

I pulled the car over and walked back to take some pictures and shoot some video.  Here, in 90 seconds, is a taste of Thai pile driving.

Neat, huh?


10 thoughts on “Thai Pile Driving

  1. Very neat. Reminds me of India, when the women in the paddy fields would sing while picking the sheaves of rice  or even while planting them.  No technical help needed there either.  Thanks for posting this.

  2. Amazing that they were all able to keep balanced by each keeping a stick. So I gather the singing is to help them coordinate their movements? I hope they are not building a high rise with this technique!

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