Fun Way to Learn Science in Singapore

SFAIS_Cover_Front Many of us will agree that maths and sciences are not given proper attention in school.  They are seen as something only for the geeky students.  Certainly, girls do not receive enough encouragement to learn about, and pursue careers in, those fields.

Otto Fong, former science teacher at the Raffles Institute in Singapore, finally left his teaching post last year to follow his dream to be a full time cartoonist. 

His cartooning is firmly rooted in his teaching, though: his first two books, Sir Fong and Sir Fong 2: Fur-O-Cious, are both about his experiences as a teacher and science figures prominently in the humor.

Otto’s latest release is Sir Fong’s Adventures in Science, Book 1.  It marks the first in a series of 100% Singaporean science comic books.  Using humor and an engaging story line to talk about science topics – particularly those covered in the local school curriculum – he encourages students to find the fun side of science.



“Children love the cute bunny students and parents love the lively science coverage.” Otto explains.

Meet Sir Fong Sir Fong Adventures in Science Book 1 was launched at the Toy & Book Convention in Singapore this June, receiving rave reviews from parents and children alike. 

Currently, the book is just for sale in Singapore although I personally hope that it will find wider distribution.  Anything that will help children enjoy and engage in science is a good thing.

If you have friends or family in Singapore who want a fun way to learn science or are interesting in a great science coming book for their primary or secondary school children, please let them know that there is an event this Saturday, August 30th at the Kinokuniya Main Store at the Crossroads.

From 4:30 to 5:30 pm, Sir Fong’s creator, Otto Fong, will be there signing books, answering questions, and helping people gain a life-long passion for science and learning.

Please pass along the news and, if you are in Singapore this weekend, consider stopping by.


17 thoughts on “Fun Way to Learn Science in Singapore

  1. Wow! That’s interesting. In India, the schools focus on Sciences and math education- if you are not able to excel in them, you are not considered to be smart enough.

  2. Those are really cute. I read an article in the Washington Post this weekend about how teachers (the author was an English teacher) are trying to come up with new ways to teach school subjects because they are no longer engaging this generation of students. Cartoons like these could potentially help!

  3. I think I could even learn from him-if I could only learn how I could get to Singapore to purchase the book.

  4. What an excellent idea. How original and exciting. Thanks for posting this Chris. You think we may be eventually able to buy his books here in the States?

  5. Cute. I like the bunny children. So, Sunnyvale, eh? I didn’t know you were from Northern California. I like it there, but I’m not sure if I can call it home. My other half is looking for a place in Palo Alto but it still feels like a world of a difference from Orange County. It’s not really a good thing, but I’m used to things (mainly people) being more materialistic around here. You know, facelifts, butt lifts, calves implants, botox everything, and exotic cars galore with fabulously dressed housewives, homewreckers or whatever they may be. :o) My bestfriend and I noticed that a there are a lot of cars up there with license plates that start with the number ‘2’ and ‘3” (aka: old model cars). Haha. I’m terrible.But I do like how it’s calmer up there. It feels more like old money, conservative, and comfortable. There’s a very high count of Toyota Prius drivers up there too, so I noticed. And I’m all for hybrids. Our whole family owns a hybrid. But 24 years of your life in Sunnyvale is one year more than I have lived. It’s funny, it feels like I already lived a “lifetime” (whatever that may be) and seeing how you’ve made a home in Thailand reminds me that there is so much more life to live to fulfill my ‘lifetime’. Can’t wait to see where I end up. :o)

  6. @kenpcho – Oh, I just walked right into that, didn’t I?  “…one more year than I have lived.” d’oh!  Yeah, the culture between the Bay Area and the Southland is very different.  Where you grew up has a lot of influence on what you perceive as normal. 
    We grew up with a car that had the license plate ZOC 666.  Yes, no number before.  That will really give you an idea of how long ago it was.

  7. @ZSA_MD – I’m sure that he’d like to get wider distribution but am not sure what steps he’ll take to do that.  There is some of the humor that is very much the product of the Singporean school environment and, more broadly, school systems in former British colonies.  Calling your teacher “Sir”, for example.  Would be hard to relate for the US students.

  8. Hmmmm….I don’t know-Teletransportation and time-machines are psuedoscientific, but by the time I figure those out I would have surely come by more conventional resources to get from A to B much quicker.

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