Willing Workers on Organic Farms

m160676285 Sheldon just returned from a working holiday, where he and his friend volunteered as workers on a small organic farm in Ontario. 

This is through a program called WWOOF (see title of the entry to figure out the initials) and he came back with a load of pictures, video, and some really interesting insights gleaned from first-hand experience.

Well worth a read here.  Note that you need to have a Xanga user name and password and be logged in to read his entry.

5 thoughts on “Willing Workers on Organic Farms

  1. The blog is very interesting with great videos and pictures.  A great reminder that chicken, eggs, and vegie are not grown in supermarkets.  That fact somehow I forgot last few years as I lives in cities. One thing I am thankful for is that video and picture have sound option, and NO smell option.  I loves the farms, but the smell sometimes get to me.  We city folks are horribly spoiled, aren’t we.

  2. @stevew918 – Wait, your telling me those are’nt really grown in a supermarket? That’s why everyone laughed when I answered that DENSA question incorrectly then.
    I guess your right, we city folk are very spoiled!

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