Sii Ruup (Four Pictures)

Here are four pictures that characterize my past week:


View from my living room window during the day: gardeners trimming palm fronds and then retrieving them from the swimming pool.



A new project for my to-do list: scrub and re-season my old cast iron skillet.



The idosyncratic sights of the Big Mango: A gardner for hire drives through city traffic with his broom and weed wacker strapped to the back of his motorsai.



Highlight of each morning: Seeing Khun Tawn dressed up sharp before he heads off to work.



Coming soon: Another bread baking experiment (with video!) and a night at karaoke.


4 thoughts on “Sii Ruup (Four Pictures)

  1. I didn’t realize you could just scrub out the rust spot. I’ve never cooked with a cast iron pan before (mostly wok and stainless steel pan). Tawn does look sharp. I also agree with you in a previous post – he should update his blog more often.

  2. Ooh, good luck with the cast iron, that’s going to take some work. Bill loves working with our cast iron skillets. Some of the best steak I’ve ever had was cooked on one. Along with my favorite chicken recipe, “40 cloves and a Chicken.” One of these days I want to get him a dutch oven.Tawn looks very sharp. Hi Tawn!

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