Truck Envy


Walking down Soi Lang Suan after brunch, I snapped this photo of a young boy – probably not even three years old – squatting on the sidewalk playing with his toy truck.  As near as I could figure out, he’s waiting for his father, who is in the cab of the Caterpillar.

What first crossed my mind was that he seemed to be looking on with a certain sense of jealousy, envious of the much larger truck his father had to play with.

Questions that also crossed my mind included, “Why is this young boy just sitting there on the sidewalk while the construction equipment was producing a deafening racket (I had walked with my hands covering my ears until I snapped this photo) as it tore up the street?”  Also, “Why is nobody, including the father, wearing any hearing protection?”


4 thoughts on “Truck Envy

  1. Nice pic!!! Perhaps they can’t afford hearing aid, lax safety standards … could be a lot of things. ryc- thanks for the comment (mini entry?). …

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