Babies Galore

P1060247 As mentioned before, many of Tawn’s school friends are settling down and having children.  At least the opposite-sex couples are. 

The other day we hosted several of them on the occassion of Kat coming back to Khrungthep for Songkhran.  Kat and her British husband Dan were married in a beautiful ceremony on the beach in Phuket back in September 2006.  Last June they gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sophie.  We visited them in Hong Kong when Sophie was just a few days old.

Left: Sophie and I scratch each other’s chin.

Hard to believe it has almost been a year since then and in that year the number of children in the group has grown considerably.  Ja and her husband Tuk gave birth to a lovely baby girl called Namink, a half-year ago and Sa and her husband Job recently gave birth to their son, JJ.  (Which I should probably write as “Jae Jae” to translate more accurately.)

Below, two of the three new mothers: Kat and Sopie on the left and Sa and JJ on the right.  Sophie’s face reminds me of the the Campbell’s Soup Kids except with dark hair.


Below: Can you see the similarity?

P1060238  campbellsmug

Maybe it is just me.  Anyhow, we had a fun time with Eddy showing a maternal instinct we never knew he had… at least for a few minutes until he got bored of holding JJ, below.  Ultimately, he needed Tawn’s help.  Good attempt at mustering a smile at only about eight weeks old, JJ!


As time goes by, I think our gatherings are going to look more and more like the picture below.  Family gatherings, with “family” defined in a variety of ways.  From left to right: Mon, Chris, Tawn, Sophie, Kat, Job (holding JJ), Sa, and Eddy. 



11 thoughts on “Babies Galore

  1. How cute are all those little ones!? I want to kidnap Sophie and bring her home with me. Do you think her parents would mind? haha She does ressemble the Campbell’s Soup Kids.

  2. Beautiful babies! It is important that they have positive role models in their lives…you and Tawn will be awesome in that capacity. Perhaps that is your true responsibility/calling, rather than parenting children of your own.

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