Sights on the Road

Running errands recently, there were many interesting things to see:

The pedestrian bridge connecting the Asoke BTS Skytrain station with the far side of the Sukhumvit/Asoke intersection is nearing completion, a six-month project that will increase pedestrian safety hugely.


Above: The bridge will connect to the Exchange Tower on the southeast corner of the intersection.  I think it will also have an outlet in front of the new Interchange 21 Tower in the northeast corner.  Below: Looking east from the Asoke BTS Skytrain station along Sukhumvit towards the Asoke intersection.



Driving back from Fortune Town (visiting my lawyers regarding my work permit), traffic was heavy on Asoke between Rama IX and Petchaburi.  Partly attributable to this fender bender, below.  Thai motor vehicle code states that vehicles must remain in place until the police or the insurance agents have arrived and documented the scene.  Considering the number of small fender benders that occur, this delay in clearing the road causes unnecessary traffic congestion.


Look how close the cars are packed below.


Funny sticker on the back of a pickup truck, below.



Construction on the Airport Express train line is making progress, supposedly going to be completed by the end of this year.  (Fat chance!)  Here, they are building the segment outside the terminal station which will become a bridge across Asoke Road.  More pictures when they begin building that bridge.



P1060299 When under construction, buildings are often wrapped in plastic fabric to keep the dust down.  With the strong winds this week, the structure looked like a shrouded corpse.  Ghostly!















After so much errand-running, it was homemade vegetarian calzone for dinner with a healthy whole wheat crust.






8 thoughts on “Sights on the Road

  1. calzone is yummy! hot mushrooms inside.
    that walkway is a nice idea. having it buit under the railway is superb especially now that the sun’s rays are so powerful. it will be very helpful too when rain comes pouring down. i dunno if it’s a good shield against strong winds though, especially if there are lots of billboards around.
    as for how close the cars can be, you better check how buses here are. i swear, every trip would give you a heart attack.
    btw, i was making guess as to what brand of a car you have, my officemate saw the pics and he said honda. just same as mine.

  2. @zacksamurai – Ah, but you guys in NY have really good pizza and calzone.  Actually, a NY-style pizza place just opened on Thong Lo.  Pretty good crust although still not quite the same.  But you can buy by the slice, which is less common here.

  3. @Renatojr3 – The BTS is building more of these walkways in conjunctions with offices and shopping centers near the stations.  It is a great way to get pedestrians above the traffic, out of the sun, and to encourage transit usage.  Plus, there’s usually a nice breeze up there.
    As for the car, actually Tawn has a Nissan Cefiro from about 11 years ago, known as the Maxima in the US.  While there are a few dings and paint chips, the car has served us well and remains very comfortable.  Hopefully we can get another few years out of it!

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