KFC Park of Happiness

There are strange things to be seen in this world, not the least of which was a recent event held at Siam Paragon shopping mall.  Yes, it is (I kid you not) the KFC Park of Happiness.


Lest you take the relative scarcity of people as a sign of Thai consumers’ anti-Western habits, rest assured that this photo was taken early in the day before the Park of Happiness was officially open.  It was plenty busy later on. 


15 thoughts on “KFC Park of Happiness

  1. Did you try it yet? I wonder what kind of happiness that will bring along? Well, at least they make good use of the open space between the Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery Center!OH, nice profile picture….so cute…looks just like you! Does Tawn have one too?

  2. Good profile picture Chris.  Could you put on an apron and hold a spatula in your next profile picture? Tee hee!
    I bet the children will go crazy in that park.

  3. @ElusiveWords – Not permanent at all, Matt.  They set up events like these at least once a week, usually for a few days.  Lots of work if you are in the rigging, sound, light, or stage handling business.  Those Thai best boys can grip like nobody’s business.

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