Farewell and “Mahalo” to Aloha

I interrupt the Songkhran story for this:

DSC04267 After 61 years of serving the community of the Hawaiian Islands, Aloha Airlines ceased operations on March 31st of this year.  While “business will be business”, much of the decline of Aloha was due to competitive actions that were possibly illegal and unethical by Go! Airlines, a subsidiary of Mesa Air Group.

As many of you know, I’m a big aviation enthusiast and write trip reports from time to time on airliners.net.  This afternoon I found a report written by A.net member Aloha73G, who was on the final Aloha Airlines flight.  As his grandmother who is from Hawai’i pointed out, the airline has been a part of the lives of almost all the residents of the islands since they were born.

This report is really moving and beautifully written.  I encourage you to enjoy reading about this moment in aviation history.  The link is here.


8 thoughts on “Farewell and “Mahalo” to Aloha

  1. A few tears in my eyes to read about that last Aloha flight. Those of us who’ve been connected with the airline business for many years have a special feeling about these events. It’s difficult to explain to others.

  2. As with Mom and Dad, tears began to fill my eyes. It is hard to believe that Aloha Airlines no longer exists except in our memories,and I have quite a few of those with all of the time we have spent in Hawaii. Thank you for sharing that entry.

  3. @zacksamurai – The Aloha plane in the foreground is a Boeing 737-230(A).  According to Plane-Spotters.net this particular ship was originally delivered to Lufthansa German Airlines on January 23, 1985 before eventually arriving at Aloha Airlines on December 14, 1996.  The final 737-200 was delivered in August 1988, twenty years after the first one entered service.  The engines are the Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9A, a workhorse of many of the older generation aircraft that was, unfortunately, no longer terribly efficient.  How’s that for more information than you wanted to know?  =)

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