Off to Bang Saphan for Songkhran


When it starts getting this hot – that construction workers are lazing about in whatever shade they can find, then you know that Songkhran (Thai New Year) is about here.

Tawn and I are driving down to Bang Saphan, about 480 km south of Krungthep, to spend the first three days of the five-day holiday.  There’s lots more I’ve been meaning to write about, and I’ll get to that upon my return.

Meanwhile, happy Songkhran to you!

8 thoughts on “Off to Bang Saphan for Songkhran

  1. Happy SongKhran to you! At least you can enjoy the hot weather over there! It’s still unbelievably cold over here and it’s supposed to be spring!

  2. @zacksamurai – Safety issue, I think.  The yellow shirt thing has largely gone away since the King’s sister passed away.  Although I think the 100 days of mourning should be up about now.
    @Fongster8 – The grass is always greener and the weather is always nicer on the other side, eh?

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