Flattery is the Sincerest Form of Accusation

One of the most interesting aspects of writing this blog is my ongoing discovery of people who I didn’t previously know were reading it.  Last week I received a message from Stipica, a 37-year old architect from Croatia.  Stipica used to read my trip reports on airliners.net (it has been a year since my last posting there – other projects keeping me busy) and subsequently started reading my blog.

Stipica has recently had some time on his hands and decided to use some of that time to respond to my March 13th entry (“Table incident leaves marble top shattered, planters in ruins“) in which I wrote about the damage to our balcony cafe table in an homage to police blotter crime journalism.

His response was a creative use of clips, quotes, and photos from my previous blog entries in order to continue the investigation.  His conclusions and subsequent allegation are, to say the least, shocking.  Here it is:

So I blamed the construction workers while I bribed Ken with a slice of orange merengue cake and showed him how to hack the table legs practicing on coconuts, all as retribution for being banished to the balcony?  Needless to say, I deny everything.  Thanks to Stipica for this creative editing and I promise to get another trip report written one of these days.


5 thoughts on “Flattery is the Sincerest Form of Accusation

  1. I happened to have stumbled on your blog one rainy afternoon and I have been reading for blog for a few months now and look forward to catching up weekly. Loved the video by Stipica – made me laugh over my morning coffee. Very creative use of your blog entries and pictures!

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