I’m Drowning Here

For some reason, I’ve been caught in a tidal wave of work with more and more projects lapping over my head.  After a late call Monday night, another late call Tuesday night, I have a third late call tonight with a contingent from the sales organization that wants me to write training for one of their positions. 

Yeah, yeah… I know the corporate refrain: “Everyone is in sales.”  But I’m in operations and my customers in the operations group have four or five “critical”, “must do right now”, “top of the list” projects that are already overwhelming me.  What I don’t need right now is the sales organization to trying to drag me down under the sea like Ursula the sea witch. 

Which makes me the Little Mermaid, I suppose.

UrsulaTheLittleMermaid Left: The sales organization.  Right: Me Ariel_mermaid


Tawn made it back Monday evening from Bali, where he said he didn’t have a very good time.  It was a internal company conference with participants from across the Asia-Pacific-Australia region and Tawn returned with some interesting observations about colleagues from different cultures.

Despite his complaints of being overworked, Tawn’s colleagues from Japan and China showed him little sympathy when they explained that they were in the office until 10:00 most nights.  Tawn is usually out the door by 6:30 or 7:00.

The Aussies lost points for being poorly dressed.  They came to meetings in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops, ditching the flip-flops and walking around the hotel conference room barefooted during the conference.


Interesting News: A flight search portal that rates “pain points”

From Air Transport World comes the news that Seattle-based InsideTrip, inc. will introduce this week a new online travel booking website that will add the quality of particular flights to the usual measuring sticks of price and time.  Each flight will be assigned a “Trip Quality Rating” based on twelve criteria such as aircraft type, leg room, historical on-time performance, and historical load factors.

This strikes me as potentially revolutionary because in a highly commodotized industry, I’ve long asserted that people are willing to pay a little more if there is actually a difference in quality.  The problem is, the average airline passenger has no way to effectively measure the quality difference.  The method used by InsideTrip may well do it.  We’ll see.  Read the full news story here.


Okay, enough time spent writing a blog entry.  I can hear the sound of the ocean, calling to me.


9 thoughts on “I’m Drowning Here

  1. I’m thinking of steamed fish and you put up a picture of a mermaid. I can certainly relate to the long hours. The key of course is finding the right level of balance and pushing back on some of the projects from work if you can.

  2. Those Aussies really know how to live. Sorry Tawn had a less than enjoyable trip…perhaps what he observed was worth it as a deepening of his understanding of his work culture. Is saying “no” an option? Or telling them they are #x on the list of projects? Take care. M

  3. Don’t let the witches, of the sea and land, make the  poor mermaid sad and tired.  Rest up and relax.
    RYC:  thank you for the comment.  You know I wasn’t scared at all about meeting the FBI. Infact I was excited.  Its all the others in town here, who were putting thoughts in my head. AND….I did wear a black tailored suit, and one of the agents told me I looked ‘regal’….that’s when I lost it and laughed till I cried.

  4. Gosh, I wish I had the sound of the ocean right now, after yet another winter storm here in Toronto! Hope the tidal wave of work backs off. I really can’t complain despite being busy at work. I’m always out of the door by 4:30pm. 🙂

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