Lots of visitors.  Paul is in town.  Daniel and Joe are coming to town.  And yesterday I received a call from Claude, who, while being from New York, had found himself in Singapore about to board a flight to Bangkok.

“Can I crash at your place?” he asked.

“If you’re okay with a little Japanese style futon,” I replied.

As my aunt says, there’s always room for one more.  Most of the time, Tawn agrees with that, but I’m not going to test him to see where the limit is.

Very-Thai1 So I picked Caude up at the airport.  On the way there, sitting at the intersection of Thanon Ramkamhaeng, I noticed these interesting planters.  The mayor of Khrunthep has made a lot of effort to beautify the city, planting more greenery.  What I liked about this particular intersection was the clever (and Very Thai*) way that the people with the green thumbs had gone about overcoming the very tall concrete barrier.

First off, put the plants in trash bins.  They’re large enough, there’s plenty of them around the city, so why not? 

Second, if the bins aren’t tall enough, just keep piling on concrete footpath pavers until the plants can peer over the top of the barrier.


Waht I love about it is, it is such a practical and elegant (if not pretty) solution.

Claude was very thoughtful and bought us a bottle of Absolut Vodka at Singapore Changi Airport’s duty free.  They are selling a limited edition “Absolut Disco” bottle, which is a regular bottle sold in a funky disco ball case.  Very cute!  There’s even a hole at the top so you can hang it from the ceiling on a little spinning motor.  I’ve suggested to Tawn that we take down the chandelier and replace it with this bottle.


This morning, Claude went off to Koh Samed for a few days at the beach.  We’ll see about reconnecting this weekend in Hong Kong.  Meanwhile, it is off to Thai class for me.

* I’m thinking that I may start using this “Very Thai” picture to denote entries or observations that I find to be illustrative of Thai culture.  The original book is by Philip Cornwel-Smith and is full of many “oh, now I understand” moments.  I’ll try to contribute more of them along the same vein.


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  1. That’s so chic! I love it! (Both the vodka and the plants.) Claude, I haven’t see him in more than a month. He’s always disappearing off to somewhere. He had the gall to tell me that Rio and Buenos Aires are boring before I set off on my trip. I have 4GB’s worth of pics and videos to show him up! Ha!!

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