Last Entry from Asoke Place

Sunday morning, 7:31 am – the Asoke Place apartment is largely empty, the sound of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald echoing like the sound system in a tuna can factory.  I’m sitting cross-legged on a Jim Thompson floor rug, next to the DSL router as Tawn gets ready to head to his parents’ house.  His aunt, who is versed in these things, decided that the auspicious time to “move in” (officially) is 8:30 am this morning.  Tawn’s father has selected a Buddha image to give him (as his father gave him one when he moved into his first house) and we need to officially move it into the house.

I’ll be riding my bicycle over to the new place, since it needs to be moved anyhow and Sunday mornings are a nice time to ride.  Hopefully, that will symbolically set the habit of bicycling more as the mid-Sukhumvit area has many small sois that are bicycle friendly.

The major part of the move was completed yesterday, although we did spend Saturday night here.  Our contractor’s son and three of his friends did our move, two loads in a pickup truck to Tawn’s parents for storage and one load to Raintree Villa.

Things moved pretty smoothly, nothing was broken.  We’ve found a few more challenges: the height of the half-shelves in the bedroom cabinets is several inches too short to hang clothes.  Chalk this up to a design flaw that we’ll have to find a way to correct after we move in.

It is feeling cozy, though.  I’ll have pictures for you in a few more days.

So, for the final time from Asoke Place, this is Chris signing out.


7 thoughts on “Last Entry from Asoke Place

  1. It seems that Tawn’s aunt knows about these things and was able to identify the auspicious time for us to move in – before 8:30 Sunday morning.  We did it with five minutes to spare!

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