Morning in the Big Mango: a queue of motorcycle taxis wait for customers outside the Sukhumvit subway station and Asoke Skytrain station, next to the small Asoke market.  Amidst the yellow-vested taxi drivers, can you spot a trio of saffron-robed monks sitting on plastic stools and collecting alms from the morning shoppers?


A room with a view: Twenty-some stories above the ground, three window washers dangle as they ensure the occupants of our neighboring office tower have a clear view.  In the distance is the forest of construction cranes erecting the four towers of the Millennium Condominiums, on Sukhumvit 16-18 overlooking the Queen Sirikit Convention Centre.


Finally, a sign of the coming move: On Saturday our sofa and ottoman were picked up by workmen to be measured for slip-covers.  This was our compromise position.  Tawn didn’t want a leather sofa in the new house but I didn’t want to buy a new sofa just two years after getting this one.



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  1. Sandy, the painting was purchased in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for about $50.  It is a knock-off and there are many more made just like it.  Tawn and I really like the colors and the Tuscan feel.  Unfortunately, in the eighteen months that it has been hanging on our wall, we’ve discovered that there is a flaw in it (along the top to the left of center – you can notice the color/texture difference in this picture) that looks like the painting got bumped.  The surface of the paint is smoother.
    We can’t figure out when it would have been hit, so suspect that the process of removing the canvas from the frame in HCMC, carrying it in a tube, and then reframing it here in Khrungthep must have caused the problem.  We didn’t notice it when it was first hung on the wall.
    Anyhow, glad you like it. 

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