The closets are in, and Tawn’s got something to tell the world

In case any of you didn’t know…




As you can see, the custom made closets are finished and being installed.  Work is being done to wedge them into place, shimmy them level, and then finish them as the coat you see in the pictures is just a base coat.  There will also be some patterned wallpaper or fabric used in the center frames of the dooors, possible a pattern of bamboo that Tawn saw a sample of.

IMG_6742 Thankfully, the contractors did at least sand the floors smooth underneath the cabinets, not only making it easier to level them but also ensuring that if the closets are removed in any future remodel, the floors only need to be stained and not sanded as well.

The kitchen cabinets are sliding into place, too, although I was a little confused as how they’re going to make the cabinet near the window – the one that’s smack in the center of the picture right now – fit.  I would have put that piece in second, before the piece on the right-hand side of the kitchen (which you can’t see in this picture) – the one where the stove will go.

The smaller cabinets you see stacked on the main cabinets (back in the kitchen) are the overhead cabinets.  They’ll be mounted in the next few days. 

As with the bedroom closets, this grey color is the base coat and another coat will be added once everything is installed.  So it is grey cabinets, solid black granite, and white ceramic tile backsplash in a lantern pattern that looks vaguely Moroccan or Chinese (to me) or Thai (to Tawn).

Playing around with the cabinets, I think they’ll work out very nicely.  I’m a little concerned that particle board laminated with plywood is the main construction material for the structural parts of the cabinets, although the fronts of the cabinets are hardwood.  I had envisaged all hardwood construction with dove tail joints, which I’m sure could have been had for a hefty number of baht more. 

IMG_6751 Still, the construction quality looks good and once the granite countertops are installed, and sink and stove added, it will look really nice, especially with the hardwood floor.

We took a look at the bathroom, too, focusing on the edge of the shower where glass will be installed.  We’re trying to achieve a “frame-less” look on the shower and I must confess that my construction knowledge is lacking in this area.  They installed marble strips around what essentially is the door jamb for the shower and I’m told they will cut a groove in the marble into which the glass can rest.  Which it seems should have been done before the marble was installed, right?

But what I really don’t understand is why the marble was placed on top of the tile intsead of being installed in place of it.  Also to the left of Tawn’s head, that section of marble sticks out from the edge of the wall, as if the installed anticipated that the tiles would be continued up the wall.  But that’s not happening.  There will be painted walls and a cabinet, instead.  So we’ll see how that will work out.  I’m sure there is a perfect explanation.

It is really nice to see the pieces falling into place.  We still have the better part of 6-8 weeks until we should be able to move in, but it will be easier to head out to the US for two weeks knowing that the condo is actually starting to look more like I had envisioned it from the plans.


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