Avatar doesn’t capture it, says Tawn

Tawn returned home from his company trip to Beijing on Monday evening.  The flight was supposed to arrive about 9:35 but Tawn SMS’d from Beijing saying they were sitting on the tarmac and would probably arrive about 10:15.  Checking the THAI Airways site before leaving home, they were showing an on-time arrival which I knew wasn’t possible.

Sure enough, the flight was delayed.  Initially it was showing a 12:15 am arrival and eventually that was pushed to 12:50.  Normally I’d be thrilled to spend three hours at the airport but Suvarnabhumi at night isn’t very interesting.  To top it off, the two observation areas have been closed ostensibly for remodel.

This morning when Tawn took a look at my Simpsons entry, he was amused and said his avatar is a striking similarity to him, but that the stubble-headed me doesn’t quite capture my essence.  We went back in and he selected the completely bald head.  Comparative thoughts?  New one is on the right.

Chris Simpsons Avatar-1  Chris Simpsons Avatar-2


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