Polygamy makes for an interesting movie topic

Oh, the film festival is almost over.  Thank goodness.  As much as I enjoy watching films, the films I’ve watched have been about 40% “ho-hum”, 30% “okay” and 30% “oh, that was pleasant”.  It is hard to say if it is just the selection of films I saw or a reflection of the festival’s programming.

Love for Share One film that really caught my attention was Nia Dinata’s Love for Share.  About polygamy in Indonesia, the three loosely interconnected stories tell of three women from three different backgrounds and places in life.  Yet all three are tied together by the common experience of being one of their husbands’ multiple wives.  The first story is about a doctor who must reconcile her devotion to her religion and her only son with her discontent at her husband’s many surprises.  The second story takes place in an over-crowded slum as the new third wife chafes at her situation and forms a tight bond with the second wife.  The final story is of a self-involved young waitress who vows to make her status as a second wife work to her advantage.

While Dinata stakes out an anti-polygamy perspective, the film is surprising in that it doesn’t come to quite so clear-cut an opinion, reflecting the complexities and intricacies of feelings, circumstances, and relationships.

One more day and three more films to go.

This evening I stopped by the opening night event for Justin’s photo exhibition at Tamarind Cafe.  His photos are really nice and he had done a couple of blow-ups (2 meters wide) highlighting two of his most stunning pictures.  They look really good in the restaurant.  It was nice to visit with him and also with Roka and Ryan, who were there to lend their support.


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