Remodel shows little physical progress

DSCF9955 After attending the homeowner association meeting (see below) we went upstairs to take a look at the progress on the remodel.  As expected, there wasn’t a whole lot accomplished this week. 

Right: An interesting moth on our front door.  An auspicious sign?

Below: The widening of the living room wall had been completed, making the entire wall flush with the structural beam along the ceiling.  The electrical outlet and the door frame going into the master bedroom still have to be pulled forward, but that will be easily accomplished later on.  Additionally, the wall extension between the main entry hall and the living room has been completed, creating more of a visual separation between the two spaces.


Good news on the bathroom doors which, you may recall, were incorrectly installed when we visited last week.  Both have been pulled out and the correct doors have been put in, instead.  Also, the door leading into the master bedroom from the bath has been moved to the left as it was supposed to be.

Below left: Last week Tawn and his mother inspected the door that was taken out and then put back in in the exact same place, not moved to the left as per the blueprints.  Below right: This week we see that the door was taken out, replaced with the new wood door frame, and was moved to the left about 20 cm (8 inches).  

DSCF9770  DSCF9963

DSCF9970 The hardwood floors (we chose ash) are on order and should be installed this coming week.  There is a question over which pattern to use: our designer, Ble, wants us to use a herringbone pattern but I’m inclined towards a standard brick pattern.

Left: Sunday morning we had breakfast at Tamarind Cafe, the vegetarian restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 20, and went through the draft architectural plans in details to come up with a list of questions and concerns for Ble. 

Afterwards, we went to his shop on Sukhumvit 23 and spent almost two hours pouring through the plans.  At this point, he has enough information to draw up “final” plans and send them to the contractor for a price estimate.

Yes, this may seem a little strange to only be getting to final plans now, considering that we’ve gutted the house already.  But that’s the way it is done here, or so I’m told.  And the areas gutted are all changes we know we are going to make one way or another. 

You’ll notice in some pictures that the kitchen has not been gutted.  That’s because we’re not certain if we can afford to do the kitchen remodel at this time.  The remodel itself wouldn’t be too bad, but the remodel plus new appliances could be very pricey.

Below: Tawn at Ble’s shop, filled with things that he would love to have in the house.


We’ll work it out somehow, right?  (crossed fingers)


4 thoughts on “Remodel shows little physical progress

  1. I’m excited for you guys!  I think the changes you’ve outlined thus far sound great.  I especially like the hidden Victorian door idea. 
    We completed phase one of our remodeling plans and I think I’m already over it.  I really don’t know if phases two and three are going to happen.  It was such a mess and a huge intrusion.  It didn’t help that we hired drunks to do the work.   

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