Free wine at FCCT leads to overflowing crowd

Reinforcing the image that foreign journalists are suckers for free alcohol, last night’s crowd at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand’s international film series filled every seat and spilled out the front door, drawn by the promise of Italian wine, served gratis the Italian embassy.

By the time we arrived at 7:30 with Ken, Markus, Tam, Vic and Kobfa in tow, Tawn and I found the fifteen or so wine bottles empty and no place to sit where we could see any of the screens.  After asking the staff, Tawn reported that they had no more chairs but would refund our money.  A quick discussion later and the lot of us were on our way down the street to Central Chidlom Food Loft for dinner.

Note to self for the film later this month where the Argentine embassy is serving up free wine and free Argentine beef: show up at 5:30.


Shortly after midnight I was woken up by a bright thunderstorm passing through the Khrungthep metropolitan area.  Khrungthep, which literally means “city of angels”, seemed appropriately named tonight as the heavens were alive, reinforcing another long-held belief that stems back to my childhood, when I was told that thunder is the sound of angels bowling in heaven.

Maybe the sleeplessness had less to do with the storm and more to do with the countdown to our condo closing this Friday.

The good news is that Khun Chai, the branch manager at UOB bank, was able to talk his superiors into giving us the full loan value – 4 million baht – that we had originally requested.  This is 80% of the actual price of our condo, instead of the 80% of the deflated valuation their appraiser had placed on the property.  This is a relief as the loan will cover the costs of remodeling that we had originally budgeted.

While there is no bad news, the timing of this will be quite tight: the only day that it appears all the necessary parties are available to go to the Land Department is Friday morning.  In what promises to be a very blogable but bureaucratic experience, we, the seller, the real estate agent, and the bank’s representative all have to show up at the Land Department at the same time for possibly a couple of hours of paperwork.

Look for that entry this weekend.

It looks like we have everything in order and there is no reason to expect any difficulties at all.  Still, both Tawn and I would prefer to have taken care of the Land Department a few days earlier so that if there was any problem, we would have a few days to sort it out.

Cross our fingers.


Tomorrow, Thursday, is Wan Wai Khruu.  This is the day near the commencement of the school year when students pay respect to their teachers.  I’ll be heading down to Bangkhonthiinai with Ken, Markus and Kobfa by special request of Ajarn Yai.  Stay tuned for an exciting blog entry as we kick off another year of teaching English in the jungle.


5 thoughts on “Free wine at FCCT leads to overflowing crowd

  1. This will be my first Wai Khruu, although I have read some postings about it from other teachers here.  Should be fun.  There’s the whole bit with the dunk tank where the students get to through balls at a target and dunk their teachers, right?

  2. well, I’m glad to hear the condo process is going well!! Good luck on the remodeling!!ryc: I give credit to my local friends with a keen sense of culinary adventure!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my site and for ur excellent, thoughtful comment on ‘fate’; the address on fate was given from within a large tent by a Naval Academy Student who only two years before had graduated from that high school which only two weeks before graduation day this year was totally destroyed along with over 90% of the town of 1500 ppl by a powerful tordado!
    Congratulations on your Condo purchase. I’ve had mine for five years now and can think of no place i’d rather live!

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