Banana Bread!

Bill from Florida observes that my blog entries have become “more gay themed” as of late.  Looking back at it, other than the tremendously blatant last entry, I’m not sure I see the trend.  But I may be too close to it for an objective perspective.

So I’ll ask you, the readers: Are you noticing any thematic changes?

DSCF7914 The Songkran holiday technically comes to an end today with everyone back at work tomorrow.  But already the traffic was heavier this morning and more businesses had opened.  The heat was oppressive in the morning but then it got cloudy and we had ten minutes of heavy rain about 12:30, after which the clouds went away and the scorching sun made things nice and steamy.  Yuck.

Last week my big baking project was banana bread, ten small loaves and one big loaf.  The small loaves were gifted to others while the big loaf – incredibly dense! – was for personal consumption.

This recipe (I keep trying a different one each time) used a combination of whole wheat and regular white flour.  I also reduced the amount of sugar by about 50%, resulting in the increased density and hopefully a little more nutritional value.

The cooking theme for the week seems to be en papillote – the French technique of baking things wrapped in parchment packages, a sort of cross between steaming and poaching that is fantastic for fish and chicken.  The experiment with salmon earlier in the week was good, but another recipe I prepared on Monday was even better.  It was boneless, skinless chicken breasts stuffed with a ginger, green onion, shitake mushroom mixture and then marinated for a few minutes in a soy sauce – rice vinegar mixture and cooked in parchment with sliced potatoes. 

The flavor was incredible and the ginger-onion smell was intoxicating.  Very good recipe and so easy to make.

Flipping through my cookbooks, my next thing to try is Cuban black beans and rice.  Time to start using some of those dried chilies I brought back from the Mission District in San Francisco.

(Maybe by “gay-themed” Bill meant “more Martha-esque”?)



Left: Siam BTS Station during a light holiday weekend rush hour.

After two weeks of spotty attendance thanks to two consecutive weeks of Thai holidays, I resumed my Thai lessons with tutor Khruu Kitiya.  Learning languages seems to be a process of incremental improvements interspersed with interminable plateaus. 

Thankfully I’m left a recent plateau and am once again seeing some improvement in both my speaking and reading/writing.  This is one of those things where I realize that more practice, especially daily practice, would be beneficial.  But then the same is true of my yoga.  And yet I don’t seem to get to it every day.

Perhaps if occasionally is not as good as regularly, then it is also better than not at all?

6 thoughts on “Banana Bread!

  1. I’m not sure there has been a trend necissarily. There have been events that have occured that promp comment. Well, that’s life, right? I personally love the “Martha Moments” I love to cook myself and am always looking for something new to spice up the recipe box. Keep them coming. I would also love the banana bread recipe you used. Send it to me please.

  2. wow… thanks for the extra info. I’ll try better to keep the facts straight. I like how you are able to be so elaborate and accurate.

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