This morning Pat and I headed to the airport – she back to Kansas City and I on to Melbourne with a stop in Singapore.  It has been such a fun visit having her here and I hope her trip back is safe.  Unfortunately, it looked like her upgrades may not clear so it could be a long flight home.

The final pictures from Pat’s visit will be uploaded once I reach Oz.

My flight to Singapore was fine; nothing to report. 

Last night had a co-birthday dinner with Tam, whose actual birthday was on Friday.  Had a number of friends over at his place and ordered Thai food.  Pune made a fantastic salad!  Hopefully will have some pictures to share from Markus soon.

Speaking of pictures, found out today that the technicians at Seagate say they cannot recover any of the data on my 1-year-old external hard drive that crashed three weeks ago.  Here’s the rub: it contains the only files for all of the pictures I’ve taken since before I moved to Bangkok – about 15 months worth of pictures.  I hadn’t made a backup yet because I figured the likelihood of the drive going bad so quickly was low.

Does anyone know any company that does data recovery?  I’ll gladly ship overseas but really would like the pics back.

At the same time, I guess it underscores the impermanence of all things, doesn’t it?  Kind of like making the sand mandala and then wiping it away.  Maybe I should stop taking pictures altogether.

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  1. my laptop goes “blue screen” almost every week, and I still hasn’t backup everything. 🙂 But I do periodically backed up all the pictures over two copies of CDs… well, what’s the chance that both CD goes bad? 🙂 I guess I shouldn’t ask you.

  2. My daughter (who arrived in Bangkok last night – thank you for all the airport info; it helped us cope) has a new MacBookPro and it has been acting a bit strange. My first suggestion is always Disk Warrior but they have not update it for the Intel products so that is a lost resource tool.I used Data Recovery software a while back and like it very much – it worked for me. Luck. Liz

  3. Thanks Christao. Daughter thinks that the problem with her computer stemmed from her dorm server. It is working fairly well here on our server. It seems to me that she has used an awful lot of memory. I configured 2 GB when I ordered the computer so that she would have enough to do all her video and graphic work. She was exhausted and is now getting ready to meet friends so, maybe tomorrow we’ll have time to look at it. I usually have to encourage her to git rid of huge files or apps she doesn’t really need to keep. Your offer to help is so very kind. I will pass it on. Hope your journey is safe and enjoyable.LizPS I found your site when I was looking for trip reports on TG BKK/JFK. She loves it. When she gets on the flight at JFK, she feels like she is HOME.

  4. Hi Chris,  I asked Bill if he knew of any data recovery companies. I guess he researched this for jetBlue a while back and found that it can be really expensive… like 3 to 4 thousand dollars. I’ll ask him to ask around and see if he can find out a place to recommend.
    Don’t despair, and don’t stop taking photos. The biggest enjoyment of making the sand mandala is the journey and the sense of accomplishment. Your photos give the rest of us a mere glimpse into the fantastic journey you’re on living overseas. But the best photos are in your memories. Just don’t get amnesia and you’ll be set! Of course, given all that… you’ve inspired me to back-up the photos and art on my computer.
    Good luck. I hope you can get your photos back.

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