The week came to a hectic conclusion – multiple revisions of one key 90-minute self-paced training presentation kept me up until almost midnight Friday night.  But it is finished and done and I can move on to other projects, hopefully a little less workload-intensive.

Friday evening I did duck out for a bit and Tawn and I went to the corner Thai restaurant Krua Bai Thong and then for a foot massage next door at 5-Star Massage.   

DSCF9001 These are two businesses we’ve patronised regularly in the past year although for the past month we’ve been quite busy and haven’t been.  I was very happy to see that when I walked in, Achi, the pet dog of the massage parlour (who has grown a lot in a month!) recognized me and came running over to jump up and sit on my lap. 

Right: Here’s a picture from back in July with the massage parlour’s owner’s boyfriend letting Achi sleep on his lap.


DSCF1584 The past few days I had noticed that the air conditioner in the bedroom had not been cooling as effectively as it had in the past.  Set it at 23 C when you went to bed, it would still be at about 25 C even after running all night long.

For several months I had been planning on calling a company come out and clean and service our two air con units, so this was the motivation I needed to actually give them a call. 

So Saturday morning at 9:00 a team of five arrived and in the course of 90 minutes did a thorough job cleaning out the interior air con units as well as the external machines, refilling the near-empty freon.  They use high-pressure water on the interior units and manage to not spray too much extraneous water on surrounding walls, although I did have to do a little bit of clean up afterwards.


DSCF1589 Saturday evening we had guests over, Ken and Suchai.  Ken is a former 19-year United Airlines employee who contacted me via many months ago with questions about moving to Thailand.  In the past month he has made the move and just took possession of a rental condo yesterday. 

It was nice to have them over for drinks, snacks, and then a trip across the street to Big Mama’s Italian Restaurant.  Didn’t take any pictures of them – sorry, I’ll get to that next time – but we had a good time.  I think I need to buy one of those small measuring cups used by bartenders; my Cosmopolitans were way too heavy on the vodka. 

Our appetisers were as follows: Blanched asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto, pork laab salad served in cucumber cups, and pan friend mushroom bites with Haloumai cheese and fresh sage.

Side note: My trip report for my August trip from Bangkok to Penang, Malaysia has been posted HERE on


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  1. i hope the a/c is actually fixed.i hate it when they come, do a few things to it (“it” could anything) and leave, only to find out a few hours later that its still broken and the food looks very well presented!who was the chef?

  2. Gorgeous presentation! Could you email me the recipe for the pork laab salad? I’ve recently discovered that I’m really starting to like cooking (probably a combination of genes from Mom and the actually having my own kitchen) and I’m always looking for some new and relatively simple recipes.
    Great trip report. Sounds like a great and inexpensive way to experience the different cultures in and around asia. If you ever come across the Asia Air Manchester United merchandise again, pick up a hat or tshirt for Patrick if they’re not too expensive. He’s a huge fan and the  merchandise on the image you posted looked different than I’ve ever seen before.

  3. Simmy – I was the chef on this one
    Alex – Except for the pork laab salad.  That I bought from the corner restaurant because I was pressed for time.  I’ll look around and find a recipe for you, though.
    23C isn’t hot; it’s perfect!

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