Coup Enjoys Popular Support Kingdom-wide

While they didn’t provide the details of how the poll was conducted, the Bangkok Post is reporting the results to nationwide polling asking people’s opinion of the coup.  The results are a bit surprising.  Here’s an excerpt:

A survey by the Bangkok Post found most people interviewed in Bangkok and selected provinces across the country supported the coup.

A survey conducted by Suan Dusit Poll yesterday among 2,019 people from various occupations nationwide found that 83.9% were for the takeover by the Council for Democratic Reform.

Surprisingly, more people in the provinces supported the coup _ 86.3 % of the respondents, compared to their counterparts in Bangkok at 81.6 %.

Meanwhile, 75% believed the coup would improve the political situation, 20.2 thought the situation would remain the same, while 4.7% said the coup would make matters worse.

Many members of the public at large sighed with relief that a long period of uncertainty and the divisiveness that it engendered was coming to an end.

The third paragraph is really the clencher: deposed Prime Minister Thaksin had enjoyed support in the 70-80% range from the 90% of the population that lives ourtside Khrungthep.  That people in the provinces are support the coup so highly suggests that the reforms of the Council have a good opportunity to be successful.

Thank you to all the people who have sent emails expressing their concern for the well being of Tawn and myself.  Rest assured that all is well here and Bangkok and that the reporting you’re hearing and the pictures you’re seeing represent a very narrow view of the overall situation.

It reminds me of the case after the invasion of Iraq where we saw the images of mobs of people toppling the statue of Sadam Hussein in Baghdad.  Later on we learned (source: Control Room) the the pictures of the crowds bringing down the statue were deceptive: upon viewing a wider angle view of that square, there was only a small group of people, not the masses that it appeared in close-up.  Plus, those people turned out not to be Baghdad locals but people who had been brought in from outside for the event.  Interesting.


3 thoughts on “Coup Enjoys Popular Support Kingdom-wide

  1. The Post and the Nation are both pretty independent – Thailand enjoys the freest press in the region, second only to the Philippines.  What I see happening during the coup is the suppression of negative information – censorship – as opposed to the propagation of misinformation.
    By the way, your post about the electoral college was fascinating.  I downloaded the book and am reading it.  Will write a letter to the appropriate Kansas politicians when I’m done.  (Everyone: go to Aaron’s site and read about the proposed change to the electoral college in the United States.)

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