Dinner with the Meullers

Friday night in the Big Mango.  Paul is in town, visiting from San Francisco.  I’ve been meaning to introduce him to Markus and Tam, figuring that if Paul enjoyed meeting Bruce and Howie, he’ll enjoy Markus and Tam just as much – similar dynamics, you know.  His girlfriend Aori, whose birthday we celebrated on Monday night, was out with friends so Paul came alone.

DSCF0499 So Markus kindly agreed to host if I’d agree to cook, and I’m always willing to go play in someone else’s kitchen, even if their kitchen is no larger than the tiny cramped one I have.  It is all about organization, right?

The menu for dinner – thanks to Tawn and Tam for helping – was light and we were able to eat by about 8:30 or so:

  • Apperitifs of Skyy Vodka Cape Cods
  • Appetizers of freshly-made humus with pita bread dippers, and pan fried paneer cheese with fresh thyme
  • A main course of fusilli pasta with a ragout of Italian sausage, shitake mushroom, and spinach, accompanied by two bottles of Trivento 2004 Shiraz/Malbec blend
  • Dessert of fresh fruit and a selection of cheeses
  • Digestif of Sandeman’s Port to follow

It was a lot of fun and we visited until late in the evening with Markus and Tam, Paul, Pune, and Detlev. 

Received news that Ken from Chicago, the first of several people who have contacted me for information about moving to the Big Mango for their boyfriends/partners/friends, or just because they want to move there, will be making the move on September 26th.

Very exciting.  Maybe he and his partner can become part of these dinner parties.

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