Yoga Instructor Michael

Congratulations to our friend Michael (aka Big Michael, because he was the elder of two Michaels with whom I worked at the AMC Festival Walk 11 cinema), who just completed his yoga teacher training at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong.  His first class is today.  This link has a picture of Michael in the yoga teacher training class.  He’s on the left with red shorts and shirtless.

4 thoughts on “Yoga Instructor Michael

  1. I asked Michael and here is what he said:
    [I don’t wear a shirt] because I am going to sweat like a pig and I dont wanna wash extra laundry.  The other guys are just shy or they are sooooooo hairy they try not to let people see so much in the begining of the class when people are still concious.
    15 mins after the class started people will get so sweaty and they will take of their shirts and people won’t see them that clearly as they are just focusing on to the postures or breathing…
    [But, basically] I am too lazy to wash an extra shirt…if they are gonna get sweaty then I am gonna take them off.

    There you have it, Tony.

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