Breaking Things

Oh, what a morning.  First I break one of my two small bowls from Italy, the hand-painted ones from Umbria.  Then, moments later while pulling a new bag of oatmeal out of the cupboard, I knock over a wine goblet and it comes crashing down as I stand barefoot in the kitchen.

Fortunately, it was one of the squat blue Crate & Barrell goblets that Tawn really likes but that I’ve been secretly hoping would disappear forever from our cupboards.  One down, three to go! 

After thoroughly cleaning the kitchen floor and counters (and continuing to pick up shards of glass throughout the day) I got on with my morning, which improved markedly.  All day was spent on my lovely, powerful, fast, and stunning new laptop.  A good ten hours of IKON time.  Very productive.

This evening we went out to catch a show of “An Inconvenient Truth,” the Al Gore climate change documentary.  According to the independent Apex Cinemas’ website, it was showing today at 8:30 pm.  Oh, actually that would be an 8:30 pm sneak preview yesterday.  Whoops.  That’s what I get for trusting an English-language Thai website.

The movie opens this Thursday, though, so there will be an opportunity to see it.

On the way to the movie we ran into Daniel, also known as Boon, one of Richard’s friends here in Khrungthep.  Now, you’ll recall that Richard is the former Singaporean who has been living in KL for many years and is now dating a Thai guy.  At a lunch a week or two ago with Richard, I met Daniel, who was interesting among other things because most weekends he volunteers his time taking children from a local orphanage on outings. 

So we ran into him at Central Chidlom and talked for a few minutes.  He invited us to join him at the orphanage on Sunday, which we very well may do.


2 thoughts on “Breaking Things

  1. Ha ha… after u break another that squat blue thing, take the other two to me when you come to SF. 🙂 Then you will be all happy for not having any in the house. 🙂 Getting clumsy, uh?

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