Visiting Khun Maae (Tawn’s Mom)

On Friday morning Brad and Silvia returned from Koh Samui, nearing the end of their three weeks in Thailand.  After spending the morning and early afternoon shopping, I took them over to Tawn’s parents’ house so Tawn’s mother could spend some time speaking Italian with Silvia.

It was a lot of fun.  English, Thai, Italian all mixed together.  Tawn’s mother went through her vacation photos with them, explaining it all in Italian.

Afterwards, I took Brad and Svilia out for barbeque at Great American Rib Company on Sukhumvit Soi 36.  BBQ is something that Brad misses from the United States and can’t get in Italy.  They had a good time with it.

To cap the night, we went to Vertigo, the bar atop the Banyan Tree hotel and had lychee martinis while taking in the view of a rain-cleaned Bangkok skyline.  The weather was absolutely perfect: a cool breeze was blowing.

As a side note, Tawn has seven dogs at his parents’ house.  They are small and loud.  Thought I’d share a brief clip with you:

3 thoughts on “Visiting Khun Maae (Tawn’s Mom)

  1. those dogs sent me into a PTS flashback. Our next-door neighbor, where we lived for about a year, had 10 dogs of what looks like the same breed… she’s a breeder of maltese dogs. Although, about once every few months, she takes her dogs to a groomer to get pink, purple and blue highlights for the dogs ears… I think that warrants the saying, “only in LA….”

  2. Telling the dogs apart would be easier if they had highlights!  The oldest one, Benji, is the easiest to tell because he knows me and comes right over and rolls on his back to get his belly rubbed.  Some of the others will approach me, others stay away.
    Tawn’s mother spent two years living and studying in Italy thirty-two years ago.  She remains quite proficient.  Reminds me, I need to post some of the photos from Tawn’s trip to Italy in June with his parents.  Or I could encourage him to start his own blog!

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